Home / Trend / Logan Paul Mocks KSI Training & Meets 'White Chocolate' Nikita Ababiy

Logan Paul Mocks KSI Training & Meets 'White Chocolate' Nikita Ababiy

Logan Paul Mocks KSI Training & Meets 'White Chocolate' Nikita Ababiy

KSI reacts to Shannon Briggs fight & reveals what he’s going to do if he knocksout Logan Paul.

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Logan Paul Mocks KSI Training & Meets ‘White Chocolate’ Nikita Ababiy

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  1. Love holly woof man they the best

  2. all these pale privileged white kids.. smh

  3. Logan will lose sorry LOGANG

  4. I just wanna say Logan is going to win… It's not a prediction it's a fact

  5. Logan is holding all the cards, Arm Length-confidence-weight? If he capitalizes on every mistake KSlaughs Alot makes he should take this W. Im def not spending any money to watch this tho, i can watch it for free the next day lol

  6. He kept saying 1st round now he's changing. Me thinks he's scared. KSI might have already gone into his head and messed up his game plan. It's the only way he wins this fight, in the first few rounds. No way he does with those muscles.

  7. Stick to wrestling. Boxing is not yall thing smh. Boring

  8. This is how many people think ksi will win the rematch this Saturday
    👇 i will be streaming the fight so Súbscríbe

  9. Logan has to beats Ksl in the first 3 rounds…

  10. Logan's team, jake and himself is the biggest circus mankind has ever known

  11. This guy is fucking delusional he literally said first round knockout

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