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Logan Paul Reacts To David Dobrik & Corinna Kopf Breaking Into His Podcast

Logan Paul Reacts To David Dobrik & Corinna Kopf Breaking Into His Podcast

Corinna is spotted in Logan Paul house amid the Tfue drama. Shane Dawson teases his next project yet again. Plus – KSI takes shots at Logan on social media.
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Where have ya been, James Charles? After Tati Westbrook, 37, exposed her former friend’s outrageous behavior, the 19-year-old YouTube has practically vanished (along with 3 million of his subscribers.) While James has made a name for himself with his face, he hasn’t shown it in public – until now. James, who was touring Australia to open a pop-up store on the Gold Coast this week, according to the Daily Mail, was spotted “sneaking into” the Brisbane airport on May 14. James, who went make-up free, was described as looking “solemn” as Virgin Australia cabin crew and security escorted him through the terminal.

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James Charles Spotted For 1st Time Since Tati Westbrook Scandal In Australia– See Photos

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David Dobrik & Corinna Kopf Break Into Logan Paul’s Podcast Set


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  1. LOOK AT LOGAN’S ARM like if you see it

  2. That’s so funny Logan has been begging David to be on his podcast since it started and he showed up when he wasn’t there 😄

  3. That bitch looks like a opossum with that nose….

  4. Wow. I recently started to watch david dobrik and I'm realizing, HE'S EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

  5. Logan always wanted to be in the vlog squad…..

  6. “You know what they say”
    Me: what?
    “Actually I don’t know what they say”

  7. I really don’t like KSI his nasty and I know he smells and his breath 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  8. He's taking his cat out for a good time

  9. Why does the Hollywood life girl look like a thinner version of Ethel from Riverdale.

  10. I wish they planted a bomb pls end this cancer 😂😂

  11. Vlog squad smoke sounds crazy

  12. Did Barb from Stranger Things just call Logan, Lo-Lo?

  13. Soo we’re calling him LP now?

  14. Um…Correction he said his 'house not into his Podcast' confusing?

  15. Jeffree just uploaded a video for his dog diamond is that just for views too 🙄

  16. I like it better when Ali is in the videos☺️☺️

  17. Yep. U rlly want Logan

  18. The paul brothers need to start going to the shelter instead of breeders

  19. Corinna is the hoe for the youtubers

  20. Weak as foook lmao!😂😂

  21. Gingers have no souls 😱

  22. David Dobrik joins the chat

  23. Me when I’m a editor and don’t get a raise 1:02

  24. This bitch is choosing sides between logan and ksi

  25. jeffree star siad it's a series exposing the makeup community or something like that it's something that has to do with makeup

  26. Better than drama alert

  27. i like other girl not Ali

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI ✊✊✊✊🖐👋👋🖐👏👏👏🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  29. ksi REALLY is a BITCH as well as his Dumbass Bitches Fans..

  30. What about tfue!😂😭


  32. They better come to impaulsive and talk about it now 🥊

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