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Logan Paul Reacts To James Charles & Tati Bye Sister Drama

Logan Paul Reacts To James Charles & Tati Bye Sister Drama

Logan Paul gets emotional over the James Charles drama in a video. Plus – Could James Vs Tati equal big bucks for Sugar Bear?
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Where have ya been, James Charles? After Tati Westbrook, 37, exposed her former friend’s outrageous behavior, the 19-year-old YouTube has practically vanished (along with 3 million of his subscribers.) While James has made a name for himself with his face, he hasn’t shown it in public – until now. James, who was touring Australia to open a pop-up store on the Gold Coast this week, according to the Daily Mail, was spotted “sneaking into” the Brisbane airport on May 14. James, who went make-up free, was described as looking “solemn” as Virgin Australia cabin crew and security escorted him through the terminal.

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James Charles Spotted For 1st Time Since Tati Westbrook Scandal In Australia– See Photos

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James Charles Getting Rich Form Tati Bye Sister Drama?


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  1. What's your thoughts on this?

  2. Sugar Bear staying very quiet….

  3. The backlash against Logan did him good. He matured as a human being. Hope the same thing will happen to JC

  4. Guys im predicting this now screenshot this asap. James and shane will do a docuseries.

  5. Maybe Logan Paul will start to question his sexuality? Is he straight? Is he bi-curious? Only James Charles have the answer to that.

  6. It's not hard not being a dick.

  7. The kid needed this so he could start being more thankful for his blessings and appreciate the people who helped him get there. Treat people right. Stop acting like his above people because he's famous and overall become a better person. Do things right. Create positivity and be humble. But this was needed otherwise he would have continue in the wrong path and his young followers would think this is the right way to be.

  8. James come back bigger and stronger. GO JAMES


  9. Logan Paul is 100% his genuine POS self.

  10. Logan. Please give us 1, just 1 reason to believe you?????????? Well, we dont fuckin care about u nor James..

  11. No one cares how he reacts

  12. Why does everyone keep talk about James get off his nuts stop putting your 2 cents in James and Tati

  13. True Tati would have avoided this betrayal n gave left n right going to him n confronting him..directly rather than doing this…they r so good friends n I would love to them see together…again as good sisters.We all do mistakes second chance one needs to give..Our parents forgives us so many times…this was his 1st mistake I think Tati should forgive him n guide him…

  14. If he goes back to what he was doing means he does not mature… So what is your advice? For him to keep trying to make straight men question their sexuality? To betray the one who made your career? Cause if he was doing so well by himself then he did not needed Tati. But he did, she told him what to do gave him the promo to grow and be who he is today so don't act like you worked so hard cause life did get handed to you by tati to be 19 and making loads of money. Evidence? How uncomfortable the dolan twins look when he says "I love putting the tips together" "oral I'm a professional at that" many more sexual comments no one wants to hear that behavior is of a person who rapes and blames you for it and they want to support that? Wow society at it's finest

  15. Did anyone catch it?

    "Logan said that James is a likable guy on camera"

    Is he too hiding something??

  16. Didn't Logan just get accused of raping a bunch teenage girls . Drugging them and raping them .that was what the news was going around saying .


  18. Anyone else LOGANG

    Including Ali

  19. What if all of this is fake and they are all in it together just to make more views aka more money and we're here like idiots believing this shit ( not u Hollywood life we love you) 😅

  20. Logan prolly happy he not under fire lol


  22. jefree star got exposed
    check my channl

  23. When James Charles loses more subscribers than Logan after what he did, no backlash just a joke!!

  24. It's funny how everyone is against James. Before everyone liked him and now everyone is against him ( sister fakes) I agree with Logan. I believe sister James should get a second chance. We all make mistakes. I'm forever with you sister James. 💙💙

  25. all of you are going to hell. enjoy it!

  26. this is called kissing ass of small stupid people who think they are famous. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  27. Why is he talking in the first place?

  28. Subscribing to everyone who likes my comment and replies and also views my video

  29. Why you don't addressed Jeffree S abusive behavior toward straight men…. is it true that he's baying you to take his side??? TEA☕

  30. People make mistakes and nobody is perfect. It’s not always a bad thing to make mistakes but when we make mistakes, we learn from them.

  31. did logan paul go through puberty?

    His voice sounds deeper lol

  32. For once I actually agree with logan paul

  33. So he's upset because is team is telling him not to put out a video that is going to add feul to the fire?

    Last time I remembered you were almost canceled too…

  34. This is actually news to people and that is sad. I don't even know what he did. Why the fuck is this in my reccomendations?

  35. I will never under why people still defend Logan Paul or his brother… I guess ignorance is better to accepting they are bad people who crave fame no matter the consequences.

  36. I agree with Logan but yeah If I were him I'd fix my diva attitude, find a therapist, go back to school finish a degree and continue with my life. You're still young James and hopefully you've learned a lot from this. Anyway good luck SIS

  37. I absolutely LOVE Logan and how even though James Charles drug Logan through the dirt in the past, how Logan is still willing to give him advice in a very respectable manner to help him.

  38. wow Logan Paul still exists???

  39. If he style his hair with the comb-over he would look like mr. Incredible😍

  40. Logan just made me cry

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