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Logan Paul Reveals Why He Rejected Madison Beer At A Party

Logan Paul Reveals Why He Rejected Madison Beer At A Party

Logan Paul’s next documentary subject may have just been revealed, LP turns down Madison Beer in the most savage way, plus – Rudy Mancuso & LeLe Pons apparently know nothing about each other.
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John Cena, 42, and girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh, 30, are escalating their romance! John was seen dropping off Shay at the San Diego airport on April 23 amid his ex-fiancée Nikki Bella, 35, posting hot pictures in a bikini on Instagram! John generously brought his new girlfriend to the curb in photos taken by TMZSports.com and gave her a hug and a kiss as he said goodbye. He opened the trunk of the car to get out her bag, as well. John and Shay were last seen going on a date on March 27, in which they had a four-hour dinner together.

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John Cena Kisses GF Shay Shariatzadeh, 30, At The Airport As Nikki Bella Posts Sexy Bikini Pics

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Logan Paul Fighting In Slap Boxing Tournament Before KSI Rematch


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  1. We were going to pin someone, but now people are tryin to spoil Avengers Endgame so we'll wait till Monday now lol

  2. he is so stupid. no one would date logan he is such an asshole and madison is talented and beautiful.
    i’m so tired of the paul brothers.
    y’all are irrelevant. sorry not sorry.

  3. Dam Logan is a dick to my girl Madison beer. Wow rude much logan

  4. If I were a cat I'd spend all 9 lives with you

  5. I'm no electrician… But I can light up your world!

  6. Why do people keep giving Logan Paul attention, didn’t we conclude on saying he’s an asshole who would do anything for views?
    I thought we already got over him. SMH. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. What Was the Music In Background In The Video ??

  8. Thor aimed for the head this time.

    Sorry not sorry

  9. Best pickup line: “I’d never date you, I’d rather die”

  10. Are u Jew I would put u in my shower

  11. Ali u almost gave me a heartattack when u 'spoiled' avengers endgame..gosh

  12. Imagine getting ur news from Logan’s podcast

  13. Wasn’t Madison Beer on Logan Paul’s podcast ?

  14. Have u ever had love at first sight n how does it feel…cuz m experiencing it right now😁

  15. If ur name was McDonald’s and mine Nike I’d be doing it and you’d be lovin’ it

  16. “Rudy mancusco” wow it’s not that hard to pronounce his name

  17. I hate any superhero,dc,marvel,avengers movies they suck
    I also hate start wars and star track so basically any action movie

    I HATE russians they come to america and get everything paid for for them and get these expensive houses and expensive phones while other people have to work so hard and still don't get the stuff they get and to mention how rude they are they always give people dirty looks for NO reason and talk behind peoples backs its so disrespectful

  18. Just call me up to slap box

  19. Person 1- Girl u remind me of the alphabet all 20 letters

    Person 2- there’s 26 letter.

    Person 1- oh yeah I forgot u r a q t

    Person 2- where’s the last letter

    Person 1- oh yeah you can get the d later.

  20. I would never date you i would rather die!!..

  21. If you didn't buy a endgame ticket, you don't deserve to live.

  22. This hall channel is based on logan Paul

  23. Even if there were no gravity I still well fall for you

  24. This channel was all about jelena…..why now to youtube?

  25. that’s not logan paul rejecting madison beer that’s logan paul replying to a remark made by madison beer in the rudest way

  26. They didnt say why tho… stupid clickbait

  27. U red hot and remind me of a bag of cheto's

  28. haha king bach is a legend

  29. it's rudy mancuso not mancusco

  30. Damn gurl did Logan throw some cash on you cuz you stopped hating him out of no where

  31. I like drama alert better. *jk*

  32. If you like water you already like 60% of me

  33. Logan’s a funny guy he wouldn’t date Maddison beer but would have a affair with his brothers girlfriend

  34. endgame you killed me inside and i will burn you halfly all time

  35. Um hello madison is like one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen? Tf why wouldn't logan want to date her?

  36. did you sit in sugar because your ass is so sweet

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