Home / Trend / Logan Paul Shades Corinna Kopf Romance In New Video | Hollywoodlife

Logan Paul Shades Corinna Kopf Romance In New Video | Hollywoodlife

Logan Paul Shades Corinna Kopf Romance In New Video | Hollywoodlife

Logan Paul shades Corinna Kopf because of emotions. Fans betray Emma Chamberlain. Plus – Corinna and FaZe Tfue gets cozier after Logan Paul break up.
#LoganPaul #CorinnaKopf #EmmaChamberlain

Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Music & Photos provided by Shutterstock

Footage provided by Celebrity Footage



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Logan Paul Shades Corinna Kopf Romance In New Video | Hollywoodlife


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  1. True or False: What color is the sky?

  2. Corinna is sexy as fuck well played Logan 👍🏻💯

  3. The whole Dolan twin video is worth it to watch

  4. Didn’t he fuck his bros girl

  5. Who cares Logan sucks anyway

  6. i mean, he was the one who didn’t want to be with Corinna, so just fuck off with the pettiness LP

  7. who will win Hollywood life or members

  8. corinna deserves better. Shes so beautiful and such a wonderful person she deserves someone to love her as much as she loves them

  9. Aaaaw Logan is having a tantrum 😂😂😂 he found a fuckgirl that doesnt give af about lil white dicks.

  10. Logan Paul trynna be all 'clean' and 'virgin' while dating a girl

  11. Bruh shes always dating someone different

  12. Sorry if i stole anyones shit- the sky is blue so fuck u

  13. what in gods name are u wearing

  14. Corinna kopf is a thot bro

  15. Logan is B.I.T.T.E.R !!!!😂

  16. So happy that Tfue and Corinna are dating. She looks more happy with him in the latest KKandbabyJ vlog.

  17. Thought Logan Paul would change but we all know who gets more dick in there mouth LOGAN

  18. Why in the thumbnail he looks like someone farted

  19. God Corinna Corinna kinda got bored hearing the same name over and over again

  20. The sky could be different colors it depends on the weather

  21. Wait I feel like logan and Corinna were dating for like two minutes?

  22. Ali i love ur outfit where do u buy ur clothes?

  23. Corinna for everybody fr

  24. logan paul > tfue because he followed Ali

  25. Didn’t he steal corinna from Tfue first???

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