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Longest Distance Bicycle Endo (Feet Off Pedals) — GWR Video of the Week 3rd March

The longest distance covered in an endo (front wheelie) is 188.3 metres (617 ft 9 in), and was achieved by Shane Badman (Australia) on the set of Australia Smashes Guinness World Records, at the Blacktown Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia, on 28 January 2010.

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  1. I feek blessed that i have been where a world record holder has been every atheletics carnival. (ok i dont really care its just cool that did he it where we normaly go)

  2. Endo? Thats is stoppie !

  3. His bike is like a Wal*Mart Bike

  4. Mountain bike is better than those BMX

  5. Busquen enfoque en bicicleta del canal locos por las motos

  6. why he has a nazi helmet

  7. Longest Hang 10 – No!

    Did he landed it – NO!

  8. I can do 78 meaters in nos manual on scoot

  9. When u slip middle hang 5

  10. Ends is like a foot jam right?

  11. This is nose manual not endo

  12. Somewhere..in this miserable world some chill dude broke this record and didn't even care..because it's irrelevant

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