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Lopburi Monkey Festival | National Geographic

Lopburi Monkey Festival | National Geographic

In the town of Lopburi, Thailand, the native primates get special treatment yearround, but especially during the annual Lopburi Monkey Festival.
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Lopburi Monkey Festival | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Disgusting. Health hazard. Sick people.

  2. I thought this place was Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

  3. thanks for not blocking this clip in Canada

  4. @Aonghus117

    yea. . her last name is crazy long

  5. @whitetyger00
    actually it is true in this case. both religions have descended from the Indus valley arian civilizations and are actually very similar.

    if youre hindu or are interested in religion you might enjoy researching into this topic, its quite interesting. i would imagine you could purchase some books on the subject at your local university or college book store

  6. That's like a Ramayana..

  7. @ssips720 make sure you finish your food next time even though it's awful 🙂

  8. @tarnishedmercury although that is true in many religions it doesn't make sense in this case. Hinduism started long before Buddhism, yes, but Buddhism doesn't focus on things like the story of Rama and Sita(or any stories about gods) because it focuses on stories of the Buddha, and the Bodhisattva, and their respective travels/lives.

  9. @Chimpangel only if they are agitated by someone or something. just like human primates, apes and other monkeys. In my opinion, chimpanzees and spider monkeys are much more aggressive than macaques.

  10. @SElement91 Rhesus are aggressive.

  11. Jesus Love You.
    See Youtube/user/2W2203 Film from Molensk (Russia).

  12. at least Nat Geo had the decency to recognize it as a Khmer temple

  13. Hannuman is a Hindu deity, Bhuddist don't believe in deities. Same story wrong religion.

  14. @whitetyger00
    many religions recycle each others lore

  15. @SubparPanda ishe don't have zed

  16. @welcome2my2ndlife Im a chick and 2 reread your comment before you click Post. "Mine your own bussiness." So, your business is mine? kthxbai

  17. @kaziabir1 hey…thanks!!!

  18. That is not Buddhist tradition!!!! That is a Hindu Story involving an Incarnation/Avatar of the god Vishnu named Rama, Hanuman was an Incarnation/Avatar of Shiva, and Sita who was the wife of Rama.

    Nat Geo seems like they are not checking their facts lately.

  19. @ssips720 why? because some people can't eat in the world? please blame it on the governments not people who have festivals

  20. @welcome2my2ndlife Shut your sanctimonious ass up! >.<" Let people believe what they want to believe, shit you act like it's effecting YOU. You could be lactose intolerant and they could drink milk in front of you, is it hurting you? NO. Why? Because THEY'RE the ones drinking the milk, you dumb fuck.

  21. Dont forget to visit thai delicacy monkey head soup. Its delicious

  22. @oxidindigo I think you have anger issues…

  23. Gotta love Rhesus macaques! I work with them every day and they are such a joy

  24. @welcome2my2ndlife – Strange… this video gave me the complete opposite response. I'm now more inclined to visit this area of Thailand than ever before. Hey, explore and embrace "life" before it's over. Quit waiting for and expecting that fairytale promise that comes after. You've been lied to. Look around… this IS heaven… if you let it be… embracing the good, bad, and the ugly. THIS is YOUR LIFE!! Live it like it's the only one you will ever have. It's all we can be certain of. Peace 2U.

  25. @welcome2my2ndlife – "…going to hell…" What? Is that a new dining experience or something? Wow! That's a nice reward. I'd like to go. Where can I sign up? Time to pet the monkey. 😀

  26. @x3thONE – Yes, that's true for monkeys in general, but here you have a culture that is COMMITTED to revering the monkeys. As an extension to what you are saying, true enough, in hundreds to thousands of years, this local population of monkey will become completely domesticated. The same process led to modern-day domesticated cats and dogs. They somewhat depend on us for survival, but, in a pinch, they can return to their instincts. I'm sure the same would stand for these monkeys… no problem.

  27. You know there enough monkeys there to feed the homeless? Monkey meat is good, just add a little salt.

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