Los Angeles District Attorney Outlines Charges Against Harvey Weinstein | NBC News

Harvey Weinstein is being charged in Los Angeles with raping one woman and sexually assaulting another in separate incidents in 2013, the District Attorney’s office said.
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Los Angeles District Attorney Outlines Charges Against Harvey Weinstein | NBC News


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  1. 60 minute interview any time soon??

  2. Am I the only one tired of seeing the ending promotion on every video? Yes I just close the video when it gets to that point.

  3. The victims should return there fame and money if there going to accuse this man. They had choices and chose the devils road for fortune. They used this man as he did them and now there doing this after they reap the rewards. The Justice system should not even touch this. There all adults knowing right from wrong at the time of it happining.

  4. Caaammonn !!!!!!

    Leave this oooooollllld man alone.





  5. Let's see if he's treated like cosby.

  6. put him in L.A. County Jail , main population.

  7. Criminals like Weinstein and Cosby are well and healthy until they have to come to court to face charges then all of a sudden they claim they are ill, they need a walker, a wheelchair and people to hold them up…. don't be fooled…. it's an act!

  8. Who knew Randy Travis because a police officer 😂

  9. Dam his bond five million 😬😬


    Harvey Weinstein: Public enemy number one (1/6/2020, the trial begins). Let’s put an end to the Old Hollywood once and for all.

    Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers contend that the facts will prove him right. “Proof.” What about it? From the little that I know about mathematics, I recall that one of the most important proofs in the history of mathematics involves reasoning from the absurd. In other words, if you want to prove something to be true, you show that the opposite (namely, that it is not true) absolutely makes no sense. In other words, if it makes no sense at all that something is NOT true, than that something must be true. Right? An example. If trying to prove that Lebron James is not a great basketball player makes absolutely no sense after much effort and exhausting all avenues, then the opposite must be true. Right? I think so. Makes so much sense. Euclid thought so too. (Fermat’s Last Theorem was proven in this manner, look it up.) Now what do we do with Weinstein? Eighty women or so (I need to check my sources for the exact number) complain of being brutally (and criminally) abused. Let us reason from the absurd and just assume that they are all wrong. The question arises: Why did they do it, accusing poor Harvey? Because they were bored and did not have anything else to do? Because Harvey criticized them about their hairdo or the color of their shoes and they peevishly decided to conspire against and turn on poor Harvey by accusing him of raping and abusing them? Here is where it gets really interesting. That many women all of a sudden decided to take it out all together on Harvey. What is this? A mass psychosis? Extreme jealousy? Harvey’s lawyers will lean on what they call the facts. But they will frantically avoid providing any explanations whatsoever why dozens and dozens of women labeled him as a monster. I ask you: Is that not a Fact? Weinstein’s lawyers love facts. But I feel that they will willfully disregard the greatest Fact of them all. Weinstein’s lawyers have an obligation to explain why an impossibly large number of women accusing him of being a monster is Not A Fact. I almost lost track of Proof from the Absurd. Here it is. The basic logic is this. That almost a hundred women if not more would get together to tell a lie about Weinstein makes no sense whatsoever. What got into them all at once? Therefore, the opposite must be true. They are telling the truth. If Weinstein's lawyers want to describe all this as mass psychosis, I say to them. Go ahead. Make. My. Day. But. Say. The. Word. Mass. Psychosis. Clearly, if Weinstein was being viciously set up by countless women, you would expect at least one of them to fess up and say: we did not mean it, we are just angry at Harvey and we wanted to destroy his life because we are so bored and can find nothing better to do than to destroy the lives of people who are more successful than we. Clearly, Weinstein needs to go to jail for the rest of his life. Serially raping and abusing women for thirty years plus? Come on! Are you kidding me? It is not 100% clear at this time that the American justice system is strong enough to put him behind bars for the rest of his life, which he deserves. I am wondering what his lawyers are paid. Could it be more than the armies of Black Ops that he hired to harass his accusers? This guy stops at nothing. Even showing up as a kind of panting sick puppy dog at his own arraignment. What a performance. I have to confess, somebody should just stuff one of those Oscar statue butt plugs up his a– as an award. Why does the legal system not allow for anyone to come face to face with Weinstein’s lawyers and ask them directly the most critical question of all: Do you or do you not think that all these women without exception are lying all at the same time? Just say yes or no. However, the question will never be permitted. Because it involves reasoning from the absurd and would produce a proof of a kind that has been the most effective proof of all time. Always final. Always unerringly definitive.

    Leo Depuydt

    PS Have you noticed that it is always women speaking up against this monstrosity? Where the heck are the men? They are supposed to be the ones with the balls, remember. These balls apparently turn out to be utterly useless.

  11. Put him on Blast just like they did R kelky

  12. This time he's about to be in close 👀👀👀 they don't want the same thing that happened last year happen again the street is watching 👀👀

  13. All rapists should be publicly humiliated, abused and executed in a cage of lions or crocodiles.

  14. First, Harvey Weinstein. Next, Donald J. Trump.

  15. He's a Hollyweird Zionist and his Zionist attorney will get him off.

  16. Here's your Golden Globe 🏆 ! Harvey.

  17. February 13 14th Valentine's?? Hmmm I would consider that reasonable doubt.

  18. Pobrecito, este Weinstein es inocente!

  19. I have a problem with the DA in Oakland, Ca. because they try to make it appear that they are so big on statues. The statues do not apply if evidence proves why the statue was held up. Most often it is because the Survivors are held up. They do not receive Legal Assistance and the Police Officers do not give the correct descriptions of the case to the appropriate Investigators to file the charge appropriately. The DA is very aware of all of these kinds of criminal misconducts. In my own personal cases. The Oakland Police Officers intentionally for years gave the wrong kind of description and number code to prosecute my cases. They placed in their Government Computer Databases, which they should NOT have access to, for being reported of these crimes over and over again, the wrong codes. It was NOT an accident. The Governments are not telling the truth about when statues do not apply. They continue to want to give their own Laws. In my home case. The Plaintiffs did not show any proof any where in statue. They had agreements and contracts, that needed addressed and all kinds of sanctions and fines violations. I was not the one disagreeing or complaining about one agreement. The Plaintiffs were not they did not have any evidence. The Courts was aiding them so badly that they were trying to make me the Plaintiff to see what proof I had. If that's not to be prosecuted. What are the Government for when these crimes are committed. I kept saying give me the case number of the Plaintiffs. This is not a new case. The Courts and the Government kept lying profusely and deliberately. These are misfits of society. I was being harassed if I went to the Court although it was the Plaintiffs who was not complying. This NEVER was about my Family until the ones who was not supposed to be on the property came back on the property unlawfully trying to get other Family Members to help them go against me. I would not even help my Parents if I knew that they were just plain wrong. Any Family Members that helps other Family Members when they know without any doubts that they are wrong should get in trouble as well. They cause sexual assaults, murders, violence, and ongoing attacks. That does not get brushed away by any Government anywhere in America ever.

  20. Lock this piece of s**t up and throw the key away!

  21. Great hope he’s imprisoned for rest of his life.

  22. I hope they nail him to the wall!!!!


  24. Lifestyles of the rich and shameless.

  25. And yet we all know that with enough time and the right judges, the scum walk free.

  26. Holloway and MSM games…
    Without Cosby behind bars this would never take place 🙁

  27. Disgruntled employees

    Sexual favors in exchange for job advancement has been in the entire entertainment industry for decades.

    Rock bands (groupies)
    Film television (as mentioned)

    Nothing new

    Disgruntled employees

  28. Congrats you charged a dead man 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  29. The left continues to eat itself.

  30. Cash grab. This man is innocent.

  31. R Kelly, Cosby, Harvey, Trump next

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