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Maggot Medicine | National Geographic

Maggot Medicine | National Geographic

Plenty of words come to mind at the mention of maggots. Gross, disgusting… helpful? Watch as hundreds of maggots are used to clean a woman’s open wound.
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Maggot Medicine | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. i hate maggots 😡😡😠😠😬😬😈

  2. Ugh my goosebumps say it all 😱

  3. I started with a documentary of Napoleon Bonaparte…

  4. Моя жизнь никогда не станет прежней..

  5. I suspect that she MIGHT be a little overweight.

  6. How do you take all out ? What if they penetrate deep and remain undetected ? Will pupate there. That's gross.

  7. The film is not honest. Maggot therapy is forbidden in many countries because it is dangerous for people with a low iron level. We had farm lifestock, and these maggots destroyed a whole herd of goats after bats bit them to shreds. These maggots eat not just dead flesh. They maggots have to be rinced out of the wound before they penetrate further and cause more mucus to bleed. To stop the rotting flesh we simply used veterinary rules of praying the wounds with a dark tannic acid blue spray and the wounds stopped rotting so the maggots stopped causing foot-rot and died, then the wounds closed very fast.

  8. Who watch this video while eating???

  9. Maggots are awesome. Whoever says flies should go extinct should have rotting flesh in their body and never cured.

  10. In this video he brings to the attention of those who do not know, the helping function of cleaning and reconstruction of the human epidermis, thanks to these larvae of Carnaria fly, specially cultivated for medical purposes.
    They feed on the solparti of dead skin, not the living one that is growing again!
    There is no mention of the evident pathology of the serious obesity of the lady …

  11. Нихуя там жаба жирная проще ебануть эту лошадь

  12. Alguém do BRASIL assistindo???

  13. Thats how treated in the wounds in wwi.. nothing new

  14. You are already dead with 100+ pounds of weight

  15. She will die any way may be because of wound or weight or diabetes or food

  16. What’s wrong with maggots??? They go inside human, animals, other things and dead animals. They’re gross

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