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June 10th, 2015

Come Say Hi!

Jonathan: https://instagram.com/bodyweight_movement/
Andrew: https://instagram.com/drew_bp/
Ismael Lugo: https://instagram.com/barproductive/


snapchat: erikconover

Snapchat: jclem43

Music By: https://soundcloud.com/tommisch

If you are a musician and would like to feature your music (hip hop, piano, instrumental, acoustic tunes) in my vlogs please email me at conover.er@gmail.com subject “NYC TUNES”


Shot with:
Canon S110
Canon Rebel t1i

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  1. LOL
    When Erik imitated Jessica's voice "oh my gosh you hung up on me"
    I died!

  2. what park is thos someone pleaseee tell me

  3. Erik Conover you are a legend. Love your videos
    Look where you are now!

  4. That phone conversation scene was LOVELY!!!!! Have fun in France (kinda weird watching this thinking you guys are in Europe rn!) lol


  6. JESS!!! At 1:30-ish when you're at your home in Boston, your hair looks adorable! It looks like you got it cut to your shoulders so if you ever decided to cut your hair, it would look amazing!!!!

  7. This was moste definately the best Vlog Ive seen so far from you ! Awesome content mixed with really good editing! loved it !

  8. I have been watching your vlogs from the start and after many many minutes of binge watching, I feel you and Jessica are just so wholesome. I have not ever heard one swear word from either of you. It's refreshing. Thanks for sharing with us; i really love your vlogs 🙂

  9. Oh how cool! I think I know this Outdoor GYM from Noel.
    His You Tube Ch. is da1sinister1. He is a fitness model, maybe you already know him 🙂

  10. What park is that?? It's beautiful!

  11. when I was younger we moved to a place that was in the hood but it was cool, we didnt experience crime and the ppl were great. Some places look sketchy and maybe not well kept but if you see families and kids and old ppl usually its just poor not necessarily a lot of crime. I learned a lot while living at that place, the apartment building wasnt well kept but we made our apartment home.

  12. Those guys were so niceeee! I CAN BARELY DO A PUSH UP … RESPECT!!!

  13. Erik, I'm sure you already have a lot of friends and I'm glad you do. But I am feeling like I'm the loneliest person in the world. I got no friends, no girlfriend, no family, no one and I'm newly moved in this place. It's so hard. I don't even have someone to talk to. All I do is sitting at home and watching some videos here on Youtube and the rest of the day I'm depressed. I am outgoing and I like socializing with others, but I don't know why it's not working out for me. I went to two nightclubs and tried to talk to people and maybe make some friends. Some answered my "Hey, how're you doing" and some didn't even bother answering. One day I was feeling very lonely and I met a guy in a store (I'm 22, straight). He seemed a bit talktive and i thought maybe I ask him if we can be friends. He said yes. So we exchanged numbers and then it turned out that he was gay (I'm not racist or against gay people) but this guy texted me late at night and I was feeling awkward. Despite all that I asked him if we could meet and he said okej. But it didn't feel nice for me. I was so lonely that I forced myself to meet with this person and he was acting in a way that made me feel even worse than being lonely. I know I didn't want to meet with him, but I thought maybe it's better than just talking to myself. But it wasn't. I don’t know why I’m writing this here, but I’m glad at this point that YouTube exists. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to share this. Yupp that's how my life looks like. You my world have a beautiful day and be grateful for your life.

  14. Those were some cool cats. I loved how welcoming that group was towards you at the outside gym. THAT'S WHAT'S UP! =) One love!!! Those muscle ups are NO JOKE!!!

  15. OMG those dudes at the gym. DAAAAAAAMN!!!! Never seen something like that. MIND BLOWN!!!!

  16. do you still workout with them.

  17. I'm literally getting nothing done at work watching yall's vlogs

  18. Hi Erik and Jess, Stumbled upon your vlog after someone mentioned you in the comments of Casey Neistat's vlog. So glad I found it. You both are doing awesome. Great editing, storytelling, and cinematography. Much aloha!

  19. This is so great! I personally would've been intimidated by those guys and wouldn't have gone near them but they turned out to be super cool. That is amazing; great lesson taught!

  20. BIRDS! and urban gymnastics and bike tours. I like the skate footage too, I've skated my whole life and did a little research into some of the skateparks in NYC. have you ever been to the LES or pier 62 skateparks? Great job utilizing fun things to do for your videos. I'm slowly getting caught up with your vlags and when I do the time continuity paradox disruption shall be restored! I only hope it's not too late…

  21. your editing is really amazing

  22. Wow what they do working out is incredible!

  23. those guys are CRAZY strong!!!

  24. what is the title of the back ground song?

  25. Wah sup Erik Conover check out my videos & if u would like to meet me im living in Kentucky now im from & im part of Bar Productive team family this will blow ur mind on wah im practicing on

  26. Love that back n forth phone convo

  27. Wow those guys were amazing

  28. man the strength of they guys to do that wow keeping himself up with the chin ,crazy nice vlog

  29. Chipotle should send you a free supply for a year.

  30. Love your birds Jess 🙂 I have two little ones too but they are a lot smaller 🙂

  31. I see you learned your own lesson about not judging books by their cover. Makes me remember your encounter at that art show.

    I was in complete awe of those workouts. I can't believe people can move their body's like that! Wow! It'd definitely be an amazing thing to see you challenge yourself by working out with Andrew and friends. Nice!

    Your Jessica impression was SPOT ON. LOL I was cracking up.

  32. Loving the vlogs lately! Expecting big things this summer!

  33. Those guys were awesome! I'm always so amazed to see things like that. 
    The past couple days the sunsets have been beautiful! It's been really hot & hazy here which make it look like its an Indian/ African sunset. Of course I had to get my camera and take one too many photos.

  34. That's the magic of living in NYC, your day always has a good chance of including a magical discovery.

  35. Freaking LOVE your vlogs!! Keep up the good work <3

  36. it's your energy that is so positive. that's why you attract good people.

  37. I always work out on that track right next to that workout place! I'll be sure to come through one Wednesday this summer to see those guys in action and hopefully meet you

  38. Hey there…What times does the sun normally set there?

  39. Eric your advice "smile more; worry less; follow your passion." Is awesome.

  40. who needs magic mike when we have vlogs like this! 😀
    I'll be looking forward to next wednesday! haha

  41. Those guys in the park were AWESOME!!!

  42. Omg those guys were insane!! I hope this doesn't sound weird but I love watching you become friends with so many random people. The phone call was so cute! Sorry for commenting so much I just binged watched your last week of videos that I missed lol.

  43. your collection of music is great……i mean the music you add to your videos just hit me……awesome :)))

  44. your channel has grown so quickly!! I love it!!

  45. I recently started watching your vlogs and you seem like a great guy! Keep up the great work. God bless 😊

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