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MAKING PLANS FOR THE HOUSE & GARDEN // Moving Vlogs Episode 4 // Fashion Mumblr

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  1. Use the greenhouses for now…get some veg growing for the summer..

  2. This house looks amazing and I am sure you will turn it in your absolute dream house style!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  3. Congratulations to you both! The house and garden are stunning! I live in Oxfordshire in the country side and I always loved your fashion style, always getting some inspiration from you to adapt it to my life style in the country side, so I am now more excited to think that you may twist/adapt your fashion style to something like "how to look stylish in the countryside"! Please, please do something like that!! I can't wait! Enjoy your new house and your beautiful little family!

  4. Maybe wrong timing for cheerful videos. I'm signing out.

  5. Josie, If you have a cordless power drill, Amazon sells a “power planter” tool that would help in breaking up that hard soil for you. It fits on the end of the drill and drills holes for you. Your house is lovely!

  6. OMG this is the most beautiful house that I never seen 😍❤️

  7. Such a beautiful space! As an American I love seeing how different everything is over there!

  8. Those vlogs just make me hapy 🙂

  9. Wow, your home is absolutely gorgeous!!! I find it sometimes a little bit hard to see what you are filming/showing us when you place the camera so that a window is in the background, like when you did the unboxing in the lounge. Maybe you could place the camera in front of the window so that the natural light would shine directly on you? I think details would show much better then! 🙂

  10. I can't tell how big this house is, is the giant part besides the main section you're showing also yours? If so..this is not a house…this is a mansion! I suppose I'll have to wait for the house tour! Absolutely loving this house contents so far, I joined your chanel many years ago for the fashion contents (to see if I learn someting from your gourgeous style, still working on that, I think I'm a lost cause…) but house contents are REALLY what I enjoy from entire youtube so it's absolutely great and a refreshing temporary change of style for your chanel. We all appreciate what you're doing Josie, with all the moving and internet problems, you must be exhausted and yet you give us such lovely content. You deserve what you're living right now…enjoy! Congratulations on your new home from Spain!

  11. Oh, your new home is beautiful! So happy for you guys! Sending you positive vibes and love!
    You deserve all the best🙏🏽
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany.😘

  12. You could try contrasting the ballet pink color with some decorative, French-style wallpaper on those paneled walls

  13. What an absolute dream house my goodness you guys are so lucky!!!! Cant wait to see it all come together

  14. Some happy for the four of you in your beautiful new home. 😘

  15. So happy you found your dream house. The cabinet in the bathroom is beautiful.

  16. SO BEAUTIFUL ❣ I wish I was there, living life like you guys. So very happy for you guys wishing you all the best for your little family. Be safe and take care👫🏼👩‍🦳🐶🐶.

  17. Oh everything looks soooo fairytale like 😍 can't believe how far you both are already 👏 and you're still vlogging everyday!! Please take care of yourself and rest every now and then 😘 stay safe 🌹

  18. I am really enjoying your new home vlogs. Your house is gorgeous.Thank you for sharing your journey. It’s lovely to see so much charm and history in your home. Your beams are spectacular. There just isn’t that kind of home where I live in Canada. Everything is from the 70’s or newer.My husband and building our dream home but of course it’s very modern. So watching your home vlogs is a real treat.

  19. Wishing you would list the songs you use in your videos… 🤞🏻❤️

  20. Just a tip.. those glass greenhouses are worth a fortune! Just replace the glass ❤️❤️

  21. Rug needs to be at least 1 foot wider. You want your furniture on top of the rug so it’s cohesive. 13’ x 9’ is what I bought 4 my living room. I’d say it’s about 1’ away from the walls on all sides. Also never have an area rug pressed against any wall. That’s my 2 cents:)

  22. Are you KIDDING? We are thrilled that you are sharing this amazing journey with us. No apologies needed, whatsoever. Love the perfume cabinet.

  23. Josie, you have a lovely home. I especially love your garden you can plant herbs, flowers. I can't wait to see the outcome of your Jardin. congrats love. it's now I'm catching up I've been sick

  24. The garden of my dreams! Do the fireplaces work?

  25. Loving these kinds of vlogs so much keep them coming!! Your house is a dream

  26. I CANNOT believe you are trying to do vlogs everyday ON TOP OF MOVING! Cut yourselves a little slack, and please don't overdo things on our behalves. It is good to have to wait for things. Moving is incredibly stressful!! (You can research just how much! It is officially recognized as one of life's most stressful occurrences). We want you happy and well rested! (Think of your immune systems please).

  27. Love your garden! Definitely get a landscaper. We have a garden about 1/10th of yours and it's still a big job to maintain. Enjoy decorating your new home and keeping it clutter free…it will be totally different once you two have kids! Haha! Trust me…my husband and I were there once too, but now we have a 1 year old. So, I will live vicariously through you for the time being. 😊

  28. I THINK (you can check on this) ducks eat slugs … so, if you find them in the garden, you could take them out to the little island, for the ducks!

  29. I LOVE the manicured trees!! You must keep them like that, Josie! It's a bit like Alice in Wonderland … and they're Good Luck! (You must do as you please, of course! But I'm hoping you keep them 'as is' … they're fun and funny and in keeping with the house). It is ALL wonderful and I am so pleased for all of you!! (The boys look so happy!!).

  30. I'm a huge fan of 'Garden Rescue' (Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Bros.) and whilst I've not seen them use one, I can tell you that using a pitchfork to turn the soil MAKES IT SOOOOOOO MUCH EASIER (and faster)! And weeds come out more easily. (This is the best time to take weeds out as the ground is moist and they don't put up much resistance, as they will later, as everything dries out).

  31. Your property is beautiful!
    How much land do you have?

  32. I really enjoyed watching your house tour. Your new place is beautiful.

  33. Wow stunning home and location! I was thinking it would be good to use a couple of those garden areas (beside the raised beds) for cutting flowers! You could plant flowers you like that bloom at different times so that you always have something you can cut for inside your home! Not that you need my suggestions you two have fab taste and ideas

  34. You’re like the real life Alice in Wonderland!

  35. Wonderful rooms and that bathroom!!!! Wow! Loving the home unboxing! I’m getting ideas… uh oh😁

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