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Malaysia Airlines A350 – Selecting The Best Seat In Premium Economy and Economy – Business Traveller

Malaysia Airlines new A350, selecting the best seats in Premium Economy and Economy Class, with Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller magazine.

Business Traveller

Video transcript:
– – [Tom] This is Malaysia Airlines Premium Economy, it’s three, three, three configuration on this A350. Three rows of nine. Lot of legroom here in the opening on the first aisle rather. That’s row 12, 13 and 14. This is Premium Economy from the back. Or the rear of this small cabin. This is Malaysia Airlines Economy Class. Two cabins in economy. Again, three, three, three like Premium Economy. This is the rear cabin of Economy. I guess the main Economy cabin. A configuration of three, three, three. You can see actually the front row, is obviously a good place to be. But also this little window seat here, the people in the know, I think that will be the one to chose. There’s one on the other side as well. And I’ll help ya, I’ll tell you it’s row 27, because the front row’s 26, that’s row 27 and it’s seat A, so I reckon row 27A or not B, not C. But go back over there, and row 27 again, K, L, M, that would be the one to go for. Or of course the front row 26 there.

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  1. they do not have premium economy, that three rows are "economy with extra leg room". other than the leg room, all service and experience are EXACTLY the same as the rest of the economy class.. media has been giving false information by saying "premium economy". no they do not have premium economy.

  2. I'm glad MAS has a 3-3-3 configuration in economy class. Other airlines I fly with has changed to 3-4-3 configuration eg KLM, Austrian. Shame MAS has cut down a little of their international destinations otherwise I'd pick them more often

  3. Booked 27K for London -> Kuala Lumpur. I think that was a good investion.

  4. Thanks for this video. I am flying with them in 20days. Question 17 , 26 and 27 what is the best for you? 26 and 27 are same price . 17 is slightly cheaper and the 12-15 is most expensive out out of them. Appreciate any information.

  5. significance rape again cope religious trace recent acceptable third.

  6. Alhamdulillah moga tetap maju MAS. Memang sokong dan naik MAS. Cuma tiket dalam negeri agak MAHAL khasnya ke Sabah jika dibandingkan dengan ke luar negera. Mohon jasa baik kerajaan baharu kaji semula harga tiket MAS laluan domestik. Terima kasih. Love MAS, fly MAS.

  7. With the economy seat you suggested, is there any IFE considering theres no seat in front of you?

  8. Tq for flying with my country airlines 😄

  9. I wish I had seen your video before I chose my seat. I paid about 10% extra to sit in row 26 but I wish I had chosen 27A now. Thanks anyway.

  10. It's actually not premium economy, it's called economy plus, everything is the same as the normal economy class seats expect more legroom,that's why it's called economy plus cuz it's not premium yet!!

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