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Malaysia to return around 3,000 metric tonnes of waste to foreign nations

“Even though we are a small country, we cannot be bullied by developed countries.”
Malaysia says it will ship back waste smuggled in from foreign countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

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  1. Nice topic(news) coverage….all trash send to UNITED NATION DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME(UNDP) …what kind of programme run by you…and also send to WTO HEADQUARTER for related TRIPS SCHEME…and dump on WORLD BANK loker in reference of NOSTRO ACCOUNT…

  2. While Asian Countries are produce Useful Products & Services …. Some Filthy Wealthy Western Nations are producing Rubbish! And they are influencing Asian Countries to do the same. This is Human Rights abuse! Some Western Countries (no brainer), not only looking down on, bully Asian Countries but Spreading Disease and illness, without Any Regards for Health of Human Beings.

  3. Good this needs to stop
    American and Canadian pretend to recycle so they can be hippie
    It's a business
    And your a shady bunch

  4. Good for them! Well done Malaysia!

  5. We will completely destroy this country

  6. Oh shut up. There are more trash in Penang now, not less.

  7. So many stupid overproud Philippines in here


  9. Way to go Malaysia. Let's show them that ASEAN will not be bullied anymore! 💪

  10. Philipines & Malaysia let's start banning canadian product. Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanma and the rest of ASEAN check containers. Send the garbages back to canada and ban all candian products.

  11. Shame on you Canadian, us people's your country look very2 clean because sent your trash and garbage at malaysian country

  12. hey look! thats my neighboors hat in the thumbnail!

  13. we support you Malaysia.. These bullies need to take care of their trash.. developing countries are not a dumping zone!

  14. okay … welcome to home ( Canada 🇨🇦 )

  15. It's time for ASIA to unite too.

  16. This beautiful girl has balls

  17. I am crying now 😭 we Asian are nice to you canadian, why did you do this to us ??? We know that we are nothing compared to other most developing countries but we do respect you CANADIAN,
    But now you lose it.

  18. Thanks 😊 to President Duterte 😎 👍👊.

  19. Sweden has the best garbage system instead of sending them away they make out of them energy electricity and house warming.

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