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Mali left reeling after village killings underscore security woes

Gunmen have killed nearly 100 Dogon farmers in central Mali.
The attack on a village in the Mopti region was carried out by men believed to be Fulani herders, according to the government.
It’s the latest in a spate of violent incidents between the rival ethnic groups, mainly over access to land and water.
Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.

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  1. The Mali government they’re very weak. OMG they can’t Procter anyone .

  2. UN FAILED BIG TIME and needs to be demolished! "Eri Kaneko" where is your dignity when you say have UN Peacekeepers in the country, but yet they failed to protect the people!?

  3. Give the north its independence. They are not Malian, they are not even black. They dont speak the same language, just leave them alone.

  4. Did we not see years ago that the OUTLAW MILITIAS passed by in front of THE VERY EYES of the FRENCH ARMY WHO DID NOTHING TO STOP THEM
    This only shows the UN FORCES and the french army are there TO PROTECT THEIR INTERESTS, i.e
    Shame on them!
    A Chávez

  5. The UN is there to oppress the Amazigh people,who have been fighting the malian government to gain freedom.
    Al Ciada is a black ops programme used as a pretext to attack and occupy.

  6. Religion of peace strikes on it's own peoples.

  7. It's Tragic.
    Y don't the government mediate between the two communities once and for all…

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