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Maloney Slams Sondland After Fiery Exchange On Trump, Biden Investigation | NBC News

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney slams Ambassador Gordon Sondland after a fiery exchange on who would benefit from an investigation into the Bidens.
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Maloney Slams Sondland After Fiery Exchange On Trump, Biden Investigation | NBC News


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  1. It's not a hypothetical question. This is real life.


  3. Maloney is a political hack and does not know the difference between hearsay and facts. Smh what a tool

  4. Trump already benefited… He seems to always be a step ahead of the DEMs. Biden is over and that was his purpose. He left no factual proof of any impeachable actions whether we like it or not! You can say whatever you want but the fact is that so far Trump is winning big. His approval numers are going up within the elderly and independent community. More latinos and blacks are going red and still, no facts other than "presumptions". You know the Senate is controlled by REPs, right? Do you think it will pass the Senate if it gets there? Come on people smart up would you? It would be best for the DEMs to stop ridiculing themselves and bring an elect that's clean and strong. so far they got nothing. I am a DEM and so far my vote will go to Trump.

  5. When Maloney stated that President Trump would benefits from the Biden investigation , than he must know that Biden did something wrong. Any other result of this investigation would be devastating for Trump. So Maloney you are sure about what you are saying here ! ?

  6. Maloney is a beast. If only more Democrats had his fire

  7. Yea sondland was their (the democraps) star witness and you asshats ate your own witness ahahahahahaha good going . You just sealed your own fate, next comes the real hearings where hunter the baby daddy and little adam schitt and the list goes on, will be tried in the judiciary committee ahahahahahaha goodnight

  8. Sean BALOGNE, YOUR ARE A PROVEN ASSHAT, you failed , you are the face of the doomed dimtard party

  9. in my deepest bass voice—-> "FINISH HIM!"

  10. Maloney Preyed Songlands incompetence and asks who would benefit from such an investigation into the Biden’s? And theAnswer is – the American voters. Donald Trump represents the American people. The audience who clapped when Songland said Donald Trump are democratic political operatives waiting for a chance for Songland to trip.

  11. https://youtu.be/GTg4WLhi1So bomshell 😫😫😫😫😫 Obama white house admit Biden son on barisma 🙉🙉 is ok

  12. Maloney wanted Sondland to say The President…unbelievable America. They hate their own President that they put words in witnesses mouths just like what Maloney did. Maloney is cunning!

  13. 🇺🇸Loved it. Someone who isn't afraid to call a spade a spade or put someone in their place with the truth. Job well done Mr. Maloney.🇺🇸

  14. Despite his opening statement admitting to quid pro who, he was literally the worst witness. I can literally feel that he is lying

  15. both sides trying to force statements from these people, and the partial media plays only their own favorite bits. Nice.

  16. Sondland is rich-white-guy-priviledge personified.

  17. Sondland should go back to running his hotel and stop lie.

  18. When righteous indignation backfires

  19. …"what it took to get it outta ya"
    My mind: Sondland just had colonoscopy or something pulled out his rectum.

  20. 🌟I HAVE to watch this, AGAIN!!

  21. Thank you cong maloney you are the only one with the balls to make him tell the truth. You are the real deal. Thanks for getting straight to the point an telling him it took 3 times for the truth. Dont lighnten up please get all the traitors jumpsuits. Im a veteran an been in two wars to see my brothers an sisters who fought an died for this country to be sold out from a man cares more to help our true enemys than the country i fought for that draft dodging crook to get away woth this.GIVE THEM ALL ORANGE JUMPSUITS TOGETHER.

  22. Maloney needs to write a book for Republicans and name it: how to be a congressman for dummies.

  23. And this boys and girls is what you call a "mic drop" moment. LOL

  24. Maloney ! The man.
    Sondland is scum

  25. Sondland really appeared a wily little weasel. Thank You for that Rep. Patrick Maloney.

  26. YAY Rep. Maloney. Great respect sir.

  27. Stop the Democrats' trashy, fishy, I hear, you hear Soviet-style impeachment joke, and get back to MAGA.

  28. Sondland pulled a "Nino Brown" (from the movie New Jack City. He claimed that MANY people were aware. Just as Nino did in court when he stood up and said, "IF I'M GOIN DOWN, I'M TAKIN A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE WITH ME" !!!!!!! LOL

  29. lousy and unprofessional moderation of democratic 2020 debates.by MSNBC AND NBC

  30. Wrong premise, Mr. Maloney. Pres. Trump did not request the president of Ukraine to look into the dealings of the Bidens to find dirt on Joe Biden in order to gain political advantage in 2020 elections. Pres. Trump was trying to root out corruption in government, under an existing comprehensive treaty agreement betweemn the US and Ukraine to cooperate in investigating and prosecuting crimes (which include corruption) signed by former president Bill Clinton.

  31. That is badgering and harassment of a wittneses

  32. L-NBC defines argumentative as a slam.

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