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Manila Street Food – GRANDMA'S GOTO in Marikina | BEST Filipino STREET FOOD Guide to The Philippines

Manila Street Food - GRANDMA'S GOTO in Marikina | BEST Filipino STREET FOOD Guide to The Philippines

Marikina Street Food Tour w/ FoodieMommaPH – GRANDMA’S GOTO

Village Lechon in Pampanga : https://youtu.be/iCjU8hg-usM

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We are back for the final video of our Philippines STREET FOOD series with FoodieMommaPH (her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hiiGm6GTyTVvO-LtZ2Xmw?sub_confirmation=1). In our final Filipino street food video Khee will be showing us the food and culture of her town outside of Manila – Marikina. Marikina has its own cuisine & flavours, and is PACKED with street food. This is FoodieMommaPH’s signature food tour and you can start booking this tour with Khee starting TODAY! Details above.

We start our morning at a street side stall serving up some thick and hot beef pares, where the beef is braised in stew, served with garlic rice and a delicious beef broth. The atmosphere was perfect and we were surrounded by locals enjoying a hearty breakfast before heading to work. All ingredients were of high quality!

Khee then shows us what Marikina is famous for – shoe making. Marikina produces the majority of the shoes for the Philippines. We take a quick visit to the shoe factory to learn how the shoes are made.

As we were still hungry, we head to the next local mom and pop shop serving up a very traditional version of pinoy goto. Goto is a type of congee (rice porridge), with strong garlic and ginger flavours, as well as beef chunks and beef blood. We ordered a side of palabok which Khee recommended. Everything was so delicious!

FoodieMommaPH then took us to a rare but very famous food to eat during special occasions: Rellenong Bangus. Rellenong Bangus is a deboned milkfish that is stuffed with its own meat and fried. It is similar to a meat loaf, but with fish! It was a very interesting dish with an even more interesting presentation. We tried their famous pickles and the two foods complimented each other well!

Chinese dishes have influenced many dishes in the Philippines, including our next dish which was fried noodles! Stir fried with vegetables and two different sized noodles, this is a dish for everyone! Cheap, delicious and guaranteed to fill you up! It was amazing to watch the chef prepare the dish over these massive woks with incredible speed!

For our final stop of the day, we had the opportunity to watch the preparation of two very classic and traditional Marikina foods. The first dish that was prepared by the friendly chef was Everlasting (which is known as the Marikina Meatloaf). It has earned the name Everlasting through the history of the dish. The chef told us that before refrigeration, locals needed to find ways to preserve dishes so that they lasted longer in the heat. With the specific ingredients used in Everlasting, the meat could last up to a week without refrigeration! Now that refrigeration exists, it can last even longer! The chef also introduced us to a similar dish and was kind enough to explain the preparation. Everything was so tasty!!!

A huge thank you to FoodieMommaPH for her incredible expertise along this journey through the Philippines. We can’t thank you enough. Head over to her social media for more on food, street food and travel in the Philippines!
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MANILA Street Food in PHILIPPINES 2019

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  1. That is it for our PHILIPPINES Street Food series! It was an incredible trip and we learned so much! Thank you to FoodieMommaPH for helping us out and we will be back soon to the Philippines!! Follow us here : https://www.instagram.com/chopsticktravel & https://www.facebook.com/chopsticktravel

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  9. Rellenong Bangus has Milkfish, Pork, sometimes raisins, carrots, onions, garlic. Not like the Chile relleno of course. If you are eating a savory dish like it, it is meant to be eaten with white rice. Strong fishy flavor should be taken cared of by soy and chili or soy and calamansi. They debone the fish, cook the stuffing, insert it back to the fish, tie it up and fry it again. Very hard process, so we usually just buy it haha

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