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Mark Cuban discusses the next wave of funding for small business

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on reopening the economy, the next round of funding for small business, the future of the NBA, and how businesses plan to come back after the coronavirus.

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  1. Hey subversive posters. It’s called free speech let him talk.

  2. There goes the Trump wannabe again! Really Maria, you can get better minds than this. Ugh!

  3. Big mistake opening the economy…

  4. Stop giving air time to this creep. Nobody cares what he thinks. )-:

  5. Mark Cuban is wrong! The President`s original Guidelines cover all the things you mentioned. Try being Pro
    -active pal…

  6. The economy never should have been shut down to the extent and duration that it has…….viruses come and go and mutate……yes, be cautious and careful, but the reaction to covid 19 has been overblown, overreacted, and this type of close- down should NEVER occur again!!!!

  7. The solution is the cure HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE

  8. The economy will bounce back,, and in 6 months to a year after a full open, you would never know there was a pandemic other then slightly higher prices due to the 2-4 trillion dollar stimulus.

  9. lol training people how to wear masks.

    step 1: put on the mask

  10. I lost a huge sale for 2 business buildings (huge for me – very small business) in WA state 6 days before closing. It was due to the buyer got cold feet and bailed.

    I need help, but I do not know where to go or look for help. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

  11. This guy is a ignorant s.o.B.

  12. Maria please don't interview people like Mark Cuban. People in America want life to go back to normal. Not the stupid "New Normal," nonsense!! No more restrictions!!!

  13. So billionaire speaking for America now gates mark Warren etc wake up people we got the real power.

  14. We don't need the CDC to give us any guide lines for anything!! We can use our own common sense. No more Government interference in our lives!! It has been determined that this virus is nothing more than the common flu.

  15. As far as sneezing or silly people leaving used masks laying around…. in restaurants or shops. Should use caution with something like that anyway. It's a prophylactic tee hee hee. Eeeww. But hey, there are disposable tongs, and ultra blue light. ( can't think of name of it at the moment. I've been shut in too long. lol. It's not healthy. ) 10 seconds with that ultra blue light thingy .. it clears out the DNA of cells on a surface …. cells like Coronavirus. There's always disinfectant too. And at last resort HCQ. After that, kiss the rest to heaven and go live your life. .

  16. Concerning to me because I'm handicapped disabled have PTSD so I have to go through mental help with a mental health where I live has a disability Center and they're not helping me teach me about masks or nothing just listen to Trump and what they tell you is it that hard haven't had hot water in six years I qualify for a $1,000 loan 500 from disability 500 from the state where's it at answer me that she says you getting $2,000 cuz of this virus because I already know that it's only 1200 they say they can't help me but they're trying they can't take me to my doctor's visits my appointments but they say they do how come I ain't getting any help I need surgery on my neck it's been 4 years now I have a blown disc in my back and two balls disc bad shoulders both broke and a bad knee I can't feel my legs my toes I got stenosis which is narrowing of the spinal cord is being crushed about 11 or 12 inches of it so far spurs in my neck curvature of the spine and they're not helping me got to help yourself get a fight against them because they chose and Satan over God every time I mention God he try to ship me up don't question us just like the college's do to your kids you're being lied to stand up for Jesus rephrase the consequences he gave all his blood for us shedded all on the cross God is in control give your life to Jesus just believe don't be afraid and he'll take care of the rest trust him and not men if it doesn't come from heaven you cannot trust it study the scriptures don't just read them and its original context

  17. We the People have learned that WE cannot Trust the CDC to have intregity. WE sure as hell cannot trust the W.H.O. for anything but draining the US of bags and bags of $$$. We Also have learned that there is a person called Dr. Fauci and a Dr. Birx who both are very untrustworthy and connected to Bill Gates money. via the Global Vaccine Foundation. We have learned that vaccines are filled with horrible nasty things used as alleged preservities like human material from aborted fetal. (can be fond on the CDC website in the pdf form. the long list of preservatives are all in latin, btw. have to get an RN or a Doctor to read it in English) Parents have already learned that fact of reality.
    What else have we learned? OH I know, that Fake news really IS fake. It really IS propaganda. And we have learned that HCQ + Zinc + antibiotic REALLY works in killing COVID 19. Six days patients are COVID 19 free, generally. That the percentage of cure rate is in the high 90 % rate. Out of a 1,000 patients I think only 4 failed. Out of ONE thousand. All 4 were over 74 yrs old and had pre-existing health conditions. Which is very sad. But, HCQ is Extremely effective in curing patients of COVID 19.
    Fake News and Bill Gates group people want to put out lies on that reality.
    Oh and Somebody needs to ask Dr. Birx if she has any daughters that are also doctors. And who do they work for? Inquiring minds wanna know. ; >

  18. This is insanity!!! People battle with illness every single day! Every season! What's happening now is NOT about the "virus"! Democrats are taking advantage of this crisis to go forward with their socialist agenda! When was the last time you had to stand in line for food?!!!!!

  19. JFTR Mark, the President of The United States has already provided our nation and its Governors with now a Very Very Detailed series of strict recent criteria "guidelines" for reopening our economy, that was formulated by the unprecedented "breath and depth" of his rather 'insightful' WH Coronavirus Task Force . Not acknowledging THAT entire achievement is perhaps a bit Politically Motivated? What, are you now 'paving the way' to personally replace old "Sleepy Joe", in his now obvious onset of Dementia, with your own WH Run in November????

  20. Cuban is a "Trump Trasher." Anything he has to say is irrelevant.

  21. Who cares what Mark Cuban has to say?
    He's a loan shark.
    Makes his money ripping people off.

  22. Yes, but people buy stuff online and once they get it at home they try to see how it fits and if they dont like it they return it. What happens with returns clothing?

  23. SoHELP THEM OUT MARK👈 giveYOUR BILLIONS to small businesses!…CUBAN😉I DARE YOU.👊❤️🤍💛🖤🤎💯Q


  25. He talks a lot of s*** for somebody who ain't got no power Plus his last name is Cuban you ain't going to win against Trump no matter how hard you try

  26. It ain't going to come back it's not a successful virus and when people who have lots of money see that their money is depleting real fast watch and see how fast they open it up open up our country I want one more week vacation

  27. Dis guy! He thinks he is somehow relevant and apparently so does Fox Business but WE THINK HE IS A BLOWHARD THAT GOT LUCKY ONCE! And he is now thinking he is some sort of genius. Nope, just a one trick pony that is as ignorant as the day is long. Oh and did I mention that really no one I know even likes to look at this guy, much less listen to him. He's thinking of stepping onto the political realm and he will quickly be purged.

  28. Another high price paid off elite..

  29. All business can inform workers ..another sport take a knee individual..against America

  30. People are not stupid even I know safety that bull..

  31. maria, your words are continuing fear. you and cuban have a job, you should know better about expectations. duh

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