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Marriage Boot Camp’: Kendra Flips Out After Being Called Fake

Marriage Boot Camp’: Kendra Flips Out After Being Called Fake

Marriage Boot Camp Preview: Kendra Wilkinson flips out after being called fake.

Starring Kendra Wilkinson

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  1. So what was the difference between him and tami because they both addressed her about the same issue and yet she didn't do all that foolishness she did with tami. The hyprocisy is so real but im sure it will be denied.

  2. She has kids and she def wants to save them seeing a bunch of shit about their father on tv later in life I feel like she was treading carefully for the sake of her children and u can't hate on her for that

  3. Everything about her is fake and "put on". She just doesn't have much personality. Everything she says and does seems insincere because I don't think she has much of a heart to put into anything. I'm sure she's a great mom and a wonderful friend to her friends but as a person, she comes off as incredibly vapid, rehearsed and uninvested.

  4. I used to like Kendra but she's trying to be hard like bitch you grew up in San Diego, the suburbs then left to the mansion at 18. Pump yo breaks for real.

  5. LMFAOOOO. Travis face at the end

  6. I mean did she just say "hell motherfuckn no".?.. wow girl bye you are NOT about that life. sit down and shut your fake ass up. #wannabe

  7. Lmfao she said "hell motherfucking no." Ummmm someone call Tami…STAT

  8. I would FREAKE if someone called me fake like no b

  9. What show is this?? Travis? I'm so confused

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