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Mattel Toys 2017 | First Look

The Justice League Batmobile is controlled via your iOS or Android device, which isn’t unusual among RC vehicles these days. But Mattel have mixed things up by adding a dash cam into the mix. It’s embedded in the cockpit, so you’re not necessarily seeing the car’s perspective — you’re seeing what Batman would see. And, while you could set up a little physical obstacle course and pilot your way through it as you would any toy, the app comes with AR features for some real immersive action. It’ll appear to shoot rockets at your chosen target, be it Darkseid’s parademon minions from the film, or just maybe just an innocent family pet. As it’s only virtual your dog will be fine, but it will make your drive more thrilling.

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  1. Mattel please contact someone named Jevries, he builds awesome lowrider ( hopping and slamming ) rc cars. They are very awesome. They should be mass produced and sell at Toys R Us.

  2. I will stick with the one I have for $50 bucks!

  3. barbie dabing is so cringy xD

  4. 1.41 = seems it was a 'clean' version (JL Batmobile), may i know what is the different between the remote control one please?

  5. That Batmobile looks like it will kill Parademons DEAD! Never thought a Toy Fair would leave me jonesing for a high end collectible from Mattel but here we are. Hopefully the production model is just as good as what's on display come fall.

  6. 250 isn't so bad. It looks amazing, that batman mobile I mean

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