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Maxwell times chase to perfection in jaw-dropping knock

In an innings equal parts clever and brutal, Glenn Maxwell started patiently before finally unleashing a sequence of seven extraordinary sixes


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  1. What shitty commentary though. Just "Awww" "Oooo".

  2. Actually he has done nothing … bowlers poor delivers helped him to achieve big ….

  3. What will happen to India if he came with Aussies just imagine..🤐🤐

  4. I bet Virat Kohli and the rest of the Indian team are laughing their arses off seeing Maxwell not in the Aus team thanks to Langer

  5. My dad said… The way He moves to off side to hit the ball at leg.. He's like Sir Viv… I said yeah..

  6. He changed his style in batting.. taking some time in crease..then bang bang….loved his range of strokes…an absolute champion 🔥

  7. If he started the storm….other end batsman just enjoyrd his shots…thats it

  8. When the target is 64 of 33 balls, he is very confident never before…after mental ebility gap…i think he was mentally strong…and very gud captain skills…

  9. After changed his batting stands, he clearly observe the ball, and hit it any direction with confident and ease…..mainly in spin bowling he is oberving the ball clearly…

  10. Random bowler delivers ball

    Maxwell hits six

  11. How hard he hits the ball……. Just remarkable……
    And sound of the bat when ball the meets… Is awesome…..
    Most devestating player I have ever seen in my life…. Big show

  12. Marvelous maxi❤️❤️❤️
    Legend aus🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  13. Australia agar Maxwell ko lati to maja aajata

  14. Aus selector ….where are u …

  15. Maxwell new batting style is very nice

  16. My favourite batsman went out for a duck 😭

  17. Welcome max in india
    India vs australia first ODI 14 january 2020

  18. The world should end. They are not subscribing me.😪

  19. When Maxwell is going, nobody can stop him.

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