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Mayor Bill de Blasio Says NYPD Officers Shot In 'Assassination Attempt' | NBC News

Two New York City police officers were shot within hours of one another in what Mayor Bill de Blasio says was “an attempt to assassinate police officers”.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Mayor Bill de Blasio Says NYPD Officers Shot In ‘Assassination Attempt’ | NBC News


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  1. Anyone surprised? That's the result when Republicans say on tv "laws don't matter." If I were on that jury, he would be found innocent. Actually, if I'm on any jury from now on, all defendants will be found not guilty. You can't put pandora back in the box.

  2. This was a hate crime committed by a racist black man named robert Williams.

  3. Anyone remember Serpico? Former NYC cop who blew the whistle on their corruption and quit because of it. He faced the investigative commission and NYPD tried to set up his assassination.

  4. Hard to feel bad for pigs when you see what they are doing in Virginia. Despite all the citizen activism rallying against the unconstitutional 2A infringements being rammed through in the state, cops just side with the corrupt politicians. Video of a House Public Safety Committee meeting at the state capitol yesterday has gone viral. Virginia state cops gave residents and journalist attendees 30 seconds to leave the room when legislators were voting on passing more illegal 2A infringements. They claimed those who didn’t comply would face arrest. Virginia cops forced everyone out so state legislators could ram through more unconstitutional 2A infringements without any input from the community. And just look at how pigs from any state behave towards civil rights activists. The mafia in blue is NOT on your side. They do not exist to protect or serve anyone but themselves and their bought and paid for corrupt political bosses. They believe they and their government criminal stooges are above any laws, and demand the citizen peasants to kneel before them and worship them as they subject them to unconstitutional ordinances, of which they don’t enforce on themselves or the “ruling class”. They don’t care about right or wrong. They don’t care about the constitution or liberty. All they care about is job security and keeping their paychecks flowing, and there is literally no illegal order they won’t follow and nothing they wouldn’t do to another human being to ensure that end.

  5. Everyone says the mayor is responsible!

  6. Well mayor you created it , now reap what you sown

  7. I GUARANTEE….there is more to this story than we are being told. The NYPD are criminals with badges. This is not sad…..it is not shocking. At all. The guy shotting probably got robbed-threatened- something to the effect.

  8. Oh, Oh no the people are rising. Welp, I guess they've had enough. Nothing to see here folks.

  9. Sneaky karma striking again

  10. A lot of people are supportive of this guy shooting the cops and support the Mayor. Wow… Stop moving to Florida… Build a wall around NYC.

  11. Prime case for capital punishment. Hopefully the feds will charge him not democrat ny

  12. And Bill of course will do nothing about it.

  13. it is almost like Deblasio pulled the trigger himself.This is how much he encourages crimes against law enforcement officers. What a shame. Get rid of him !

  14. DiBlasio is to blame for all of these crimes against the police. Period

  15. Please stop the violence against cops and unarmed citizens. Y’all need Jesus in NYC!!!

  16. Police officer.!!
    Now.every human stand up.
    Well.we busy.leave a message.

  17. Its your fault De Blasio and all Liberal Politicians that cause hatred against law enforcement – BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!

  18. Sounds like some MSNBC watcher stood up against the racist cops and courts.

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