McCarthy reacts to Rep. Gaetz's approval of the House War Powers Resolution

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Cali., discusses the House passing a resolution to limit President Trump’s war powers against Iran and why some Republican members joined Democrats in voting for the resolution.

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  1. Lou Dobbs Alzheimer’s is kicking up. Sad fool. K man needs to be voted out. Mouth piece for maga scum

  2. Mr President; For your next move, can you make the Dem's support Pedo's? Just asking for a friend!

  3. How was this a mistake? They fell on the red button?

  4. Thy are the party of terrisum by joining IRAN am I not right?

  5. When are you guys just going to call that party what they are – communist. How obvious is it?? You republicans know they are and still won't refer to them as such. Why?????

  6. Evidently Polosi doesn't know the meaning of bipartisan!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yet again Lou Dobbs opens his mouth and s*** pours out

  8. I don’t think Gaetz would ever go along with taking away the war powers of Trump as there must be something I’m not understanding by his vote. Maybe it’s a long term thought of a future president as I am clueless but I do know he will never jump ship as he is dedicated in defending the president in this circus. It looks bad though and I wish I knew what influenced him

  9. So Gaetz gone over to the dark side am so tired of all the cut throats it's as disgusting as it can ge bow out and evil needs to get out of our party forever traitors.

  10. Gaetz just gave Dimms what they wanted.
    Gaetz just got what he wanted … he got on TV!
    Gaetz just loves seeing himself on TV.
    Gaetz me thinks has sugar plum dreams of higher office?

  11. I found that his father Don Gaetz’s founded VITAS Healthcare, which US gvmt filed a lawsuit for committing Medicare fraud since 2002. Going to research more.

  12. Lou Dobbs you are a mentally unfit to be unleashed onto the public. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  13. What is wrong with Matt Gaetz!!! Wake up Matt and stop helping the Democrats and Iran!!!

  14. The president should USE executive power's to ARESST ALL OF the Ring Leaders with Treason and SIDITION and attempted COUP OF a legitimate POTUS.

  15. Republicans Reps. Matt Gaetz and Francis Rooney of Florida as well as Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky voted for the war powers act…. Remember those names during election time…..BUT, also remember that we don't want to lose any House seats and not get the majority…. It's a slippery slope

  16. Democrats should burn in hell….

  17. "-BECAUSE of "TRUMP- derangement" from the "Radical Left" our COUNTRY is being torn apart!!"

  18. How much was it worth Gaetz? 5 million? 10 million. Not cool man

  19. "TOTALLY appalled by what "Left" is doing-where they should be putting AMERICA 1st instead of last!!"

  20. Unless he has a very, very good reason to vote against the best president ever, M Gates just lost my respect.

  21. The first thing the Doctor does when someone is diagnosed with dementia is take the car keys off them….It has been recommended that Donald have his car keys taken off him

  22. I can only imagine how the Americans felt who lost children , husbands and fathers and sister and moms to the monster our President took out. What the Democrats and Media and Congress did is shameful. They are not Americans.

  23. Planet Fox News

    Somewhere Out Around Uranus

  24. The Republican members of Congress in the 40's were absolutely right that the Democrats have been infiltrated by Communist spies; only thing is, it was not an "infiltration" it was an "invitation". SMH!

  25. I really liked Gaetz….. until now.

  26. McCarthy needs to be President after Trump!

  27. Sorry!!! With today's technology, it is IMPOSSIBLE to "ACCIDENTALLY" shoot down a plane!!!

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