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McClintock To Scholars: ‘Show Of Hands’ Who Voted For Donald Trump In 2016? | NBC News

Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., asked the scholars who they voted for in the 2016 election during the House Judiciary impeachment hearing. McClintock asks them to “raise their hands” if they supported Donald Trump in 2016, to which Noah Feldman responded, “not raising our hands is not an indication of an answer.”
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McClintock To Scholars: ‘Show Of Hands’ Who Voted For Donald Trump In 2016? | NBC News


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  1. hahahahah fake news MSNBC only showing a 1 minute cut up clip that suits their narrative. I can't say I'm surprised.

  2. No one in power should ever ask you 'who did you vote for?' That is very scary!!

  3. The Tin Foil Hat wearing Republiklan are dumb as rocks and know they are finished. They have no clue that the reason they are ruled by an enormous victim and persecution complex is because they have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  4. This whole show is a joke. Shifty is donzo

  5. What in the …. is going on? Here in AMERICA NO one has aright to question another about who they voted for this Mr. McClintock should be voted out next term.

  6. Oh look at this GOP bootlicker questioning "party loyalty" like a good little totalitarian fascist upholding the "party line". The party is always right.

  7. I n the totalitarian fascist mind, anybody who is not an absolute party loyalist is inelligable, despite their credentials. The GOP needs to be uprooted and burned to the ground before the cancer spreads.

  8. Pretty much all the dummies who watch this have no idea what just happened. He clearly demonstrated the absurdity of how the impeachment inquiry was predicated on the false legal doctrine presented by Adam Schiff that invoking legal rights in defense of accusations is an obstruction of justice and evidence of guilt. His opening question was designed specifically to elucidate the absurdity of that concept before proceeding onto making the point.

    The witnesses fell perfectly into the trap by responding with "I don't think I have to answer that" and "Not raising our hands is not an indication of answer, sir."


    It's shocking to me that this flew right over your heads but whatever.

  9. Fascism is not a good look Rep. McClintock.

  10. 'Quick show of hands…Who here has ever accepted or solicited a bribe before? No one? Case dismissed. None of you can possibly relate to our trials and tribulations. It's tough.'

  11. When you have NO defense ask who they voted for or who their family contributed to 😬 Get to the facts that’s your job!!!

  12. What about showing my middle finger for Donald Trump, would that work for you, Sir Tom McClintock?

  13. Democrats are totally controlled by organized crime cartels that want OPEN BOrders , collapsed economy and legalized pedofilia

  14. Trump will win in 2020 because of this biased approach to impeachment. The

  15. Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan is the Queen of the MSNBCannibals

  16. McClintock you do realize that what you are asking is against the Constitution of the United States!

  17. The Democrats are committing more of a crime than they are are trying to impeach Trump for this is a truly unfair process and I'm grateful everyone gets to see this for what it is and I'm worried the consequences of everyone's actions

  18. The American people are seeing this for what it truly is Nadler is a biased piece of crap this is a sham and will only divide the country who's going to be responsible for that

  19. How many of you voted for the fuhrer in 2016. I'm sorry let me rephrase how many of you supported the fuhrer in 2016. Is this McCarthyism or the start of a new Reich. It's sad so so so sad!!!

  20. Republicans are clown is this what they were elected for this clown show. Them themselves needs to be removed from office.VOTE BLUE and remove these boot lickers out of office.

  21. The scolars are not there to say if they voted for Trump or not but to explain what the constitution stands for and means and not to Impeach Trump which congress needs to do.VOTE BLUE or Impeach Trump along with Bill Barr for aiding and abetting a cover up to help Putin's puppet exonerate the Russians for the election hacking and trying to say Ukraine did it.

  22. It is so lame when they ask scholars and experts who they voted for. Besides you can automatically. If the witness is articulate, Knowledgeable and informed on the subject. They didn't vote for Trump.

  23. And that is what is leading the country.

  24. He didn't have to do that, we all knew they were Democrat hacks that's why they're there.

  25. “If we cannot impeach a president who abuses his office for personal advantage, then we we no longer live in a Republic. We live in a monarchy, or we live under a dictatorship." Republicans simply do not care if that is the result. Their sole concern is protecting the leader of their cult.

  26. Yup proof of a political lynching …DumOcrats have no honour

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