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McConnell Scrambling To Cover Up Involvement In Russian Meddling

McConnell Scrambling To Cover Up Involvement In Russian Meddling

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Mitch McConnell is frantically covering his own ass. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has blocked a resolution to release special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

President Donald Trump told the press in the Oval Office on Monday that he believes the report should be published for the public to view, noting that he had nothing to hide.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  2. Just a reminder Canada has had a working healthcare system since the 60's

  3. The report completely exonerates me of obstruction, and if you try to look at the report Ill obstruct you.

  4. Gopee got how much money from the
    Administration ??????????

  5. McConnell has private investment of seas with the Ukraine this is why he is protecting trump.If trump goes down Mitch knows he is threw.believe me when i say this.trump never loved anyone if he love his wife why cheat with two women on his wife.McConnell is a 🐍

  6. Mitch has been bought years ago by Russia and China. Yes, lies just like trump or worse. Corrupt bastard. Trump and mitch pls STFU. Sick sick sick people. I'm not for Biden either then or now, yes they interfered, Putin put in illegal 77,000 hacked votes to put him in. Mitch hated Obama.

  7. Mitch you are the top corrupt Russian money maker from them, like over a million, not counting what your wife brings in from them and you both from China. You both are traitors to America. Resign or you can both get nice new orange jumpsuits and join the cell mates with the money trail to Russia.

  8. Agree, I love civility but when you’re playing with ruthless people that often times doesn’t work! Oh btw I sure as hell hope that unlike the 2015/2016 elections the democratic candidates aren’t going to be up the asses of the transgender community. I know, I know, all of that stuff with Kaitlin Jenner (a big Republican and Trump supporter btw 🤣) was all new news then and is old news now so hopefully we can stick to the important issues that affect us all like universal healthcare (Medicaid for ALL) and hammer the hell out of the fact that every damn time it’s a Republican President it takes a Democrat to come in and clean up after them because Republicans just fight for the wealthy and corporations, while the middle class is disappearing. With Republicans in control it won’t be long until the only people with any money and educations will be the few wealthy and the rest will just be their slaves! There’s a reason why Bernie is raising so much money and has so much support, people are sick and tired of the grotesque greed from the top!!! America is in desperate need of a progressive blue wave!

  9. And McConnell has Received Millions from Russian Oligarchs And His Wife is Working In the Whitehouse 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  10. Did you see the face of POTUS turn red and go beat red? What a f-up!

  11. Oh mitchy what have you done?????

  12. Abominable administration.


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  14. Total exonerated trump! Well let us see the report NO WAY!

  15. Stop talking start doing something against Trump for real.

  16. mcconnell turtle looking sob

  17. McConnell is the devil! He's bitching about the Dems blocking Trump. Pot calling the kettle black, Mitch blocked Merrick Garland for a year! Hypocrite.

  18. We are coming for your lying assets and i will be farting in your Facebook's


  20. When comrade Trump says this investigation was horrible on him, he must have forgotten what republicans did to the Clintons. Over $100 million dollars over a ten year period was spent harassing the Clintons. And the only crime, they found, was Bill lying about a bj. I think republicans should apologize to the Clintons, for their scumy behavior. So Donald quit crying your big alligator tears, and put on your big boy pants and shut up. Even Hillary didn’t cry as much as you did.

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