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Media Cares More About “MotherF***er” Than White Nationalism

Media Cares More About “MotherF***er” Than White Nationalism

Steve King’s open defense of white nationalism is barely covered when compared to a newly elected congresswoman using the word “motherf**ker” when referencing Donald Trump. Hasan Piker breaks down why civility is stopping any criticism against the status quo, and it rarely targets white supremacy. http://tyt.com/hasan

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  1. It's literally a few google searches away where you can find the evidence for yourself. its not really a big secret who is pushing these agendas. Its incredible how lefties think if they just keep believe hard enough these facts become false. Doesnt take a genius to find out that (((they))) control most of what is being pushed along with their submissive g*y counterparts.

  2. Western civilization came long before Christianity. Christianity has nothing to do with it.

  3. "The best the white race has to offer?" Wow, couldn't even try to hide your contempt there, could you?

  4. It’s so bad it’s funny when libtards try to make meme

  5. Stop watching the minute i realized it was a "Cenks nephew" video

  6. Why do you guys care, you guys are for the death of babies regardless of race

  7. Yes TYT, all whites are racists…..

  8. That dirty palestinana skank who got elected to congress is openly anti-semtic but that should be overlooked because this dirty pikey isn't smart enough to realize that what steve king said was taken out of context.

  9. "how many subgroups of ppl" SUB-groups. could've just said "what other groups of ppl" he said SUB on-purpose

  10. Whites have contributing the most to the world. Whites have a right to pursue their interest. It's ok to be nationalist.

  11. What is wrong with being a nationalist and being white? Should white people not have the rights to a homeland Hasan? I dont see you or any other brown shit that pushes open borders on us back in your own country practicing what you preach. Why not?

  12. Does Hasan wear that hat now to make his little head appear bigger?

  13. Well, the News and Media are undercover racists, we all should know this by now. This is where a lot of stereotypes come from.

  14. Frankly, Progressives only have the net for political news cause we can't count on tv anymore. MSNBC only caters to conservatives, Fox News is for conservatives. CNN, ABC…. all want to cater conservatives. TV abandoned us but at lest in the net we have TYT, David Pakman, Sam Seder…… I rely on them and beg people to please make contributions cause that's all we have.

  15. If King is so worried about his "civilization", why not fight for policies that help out his white communities and not divert resources to bombing brown people? What's he done for his "supreme race"? Have you seen Iowa? Farmers living off subsidies, crying about DAPL (when it affects them, not the Natives up North), meth production and of course, Slipknot. Shit hole state.

  16. steve king is an anti-American.

  17. White man being racist and violence……… Sounds about white next you're going to tell me they rape.

  18. "Western Civilisation is rooted in Western Europe/East Europe and United States of America"
    No,No,no,no F**k off from Europe back to your Cave!

  19. If you have to wear 3 shirts to fill out a XXL ( if it really is a XXL) sweatshirt, than you're NOT XXL. Come back when you're in the 500lb Bench Club, Scooter-Hasan.

  20. Brain power is building a better world, white power is ruining it.

  21. Oh wow. Another Hasan Piker video railing against "evil white people" …imagine that. :yawn:

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