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Meet Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Body Woman | NBC News Now

Meet Saralena Barry. She is on the road with Mayor Pete Buttigieg as his campaign body woman, also known as his civilian assistant. NBC News catches up with Berry to see what it’s like to be by a candidates’ side on the trail all the time.
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Meet Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Body Woman | NBC News Now


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  1. The question is, why are they not profiling someone that has more to do with the Pete's campaign direction and policy? They just don't want to shine a light on Lis Smith, who was invaluable in putting Pete on the national stage–and who is well-known for her key role with the IDC, a group of Democrats that caucus with the Republicans in New York State, giving the Republicans the majority vote despite a Democratic majority. Smith's politics are not worker friendly, and it makes sense that she is a key mover behind a candidate who often pays lip service to progressive causes while using conservative talking points to push for means testing and corporate interests.

    An article to remind non-New Yorkers about who the IDC is regarding a former Sanders delegate that joined them. At the time, the Working Families Party was pushing for Alcantara to leave the IDC. It working across the aisle only passes conservative legislation, there is no aisle. We've all learned from the Bill Clinton years.

  2. Wall st. Pete is being propped up by corporate- media, tell your elders to beware

  3. Mayor Buttigieg is a puppet of the private insurance industry. No one gives a s*** about his campaign body woman or whatever. NBC should be ashamed of themselves for doing these fluff pieces on their chosen candidate, instead of scrutinizing him

  4. What’s in the bistro sandwich? What’s Buttigieg hiding there?!

  5. Mayor Pete is a horrible candidate. Total neo-lib, cozy with Wall street, adept in camouflage and slight of hand. See Mackenzie training. He stands for nothing. HIs goal is political power, pure and simple.

  6. DO NOT, trust Pete Buttigieg!
    Research the despicable consulting company he worked for named, McKinsey and Company.
    I guarantee, every American laid off from their jobs and the high cost of pharmaceuticals…etc, was because of McKinsey and Company!
    He worked for them from 2007 to 2010, the crash and bail out years and they have been in business for over 100 years.
    They consult for Saudi Arabia, story from The New York Times…https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/mckinseys-work-for-saudi-arabia-highlights-its-history-of-unsavory-entanglements

    They worked for China, Russia and Ukraine…WTF!

    They have their deplorable fingers in our intelligent agencies!
    Article from Politico.
    "According to nearly a dozen current and former officials who either witnessed the restructuring firsthand or are familiar with the project, the multimillion dollar overhaul has left many within the country’s intelligence agencies demoralized and less effective.
    These insiders said the efforts have hindered decision-making at key agencies — including the CIA, National Security Agency and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence."

    They also work for ICE!

    Wikipedia…scroll down to Scandals & Criticism, it begins with Enron, but probably the 1929 crash!

    I do not trust them or Pete Buttigieg! He is also receiving campaign donations from them!
    BERNIE OR DIE 2020!

  7. Pete Buttplug coc sucker

  8. Every Top News story on YouTube is about Pete Buttigieg. It's almost as if YouTube has picked thier representative.

  9. He shall simply be known as Butti

  10. Don't let other world leaders laugh behind us for god sake

  11. I just clicked on this to find out how to pronounce Buttigeig. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. Ugh, I wish Pete would run as the Republican he really is. I'm tired of these corporate funded posers trying to pull a Hilary, causing us to lose to Trump again. This guy is a snake in the bushes, same as Biden. I'm tired of people who pretend to care for the nation when they only aim to line their pockets and empower corporations further. Sorry that the body woman still hasn't opened her eyes.

  13. Psycho Pete increased the eviction rate in South Bend to 3x the national average

  14. Pete is bought by corporations and special interests, which is why msm is fawning over him so disgracefully. No thank you corporate pete!

  15. I’m afraid Pete is a sell out. Tulsi is the last chance to stop the insane wars after that? It’s constant wars like locust and this empire will die

  16. Copy Pete is just copying Andrew yang

  17. What a cool job!! I hope Pete is our next President. He's a great person, you can tell 😃

  18. Pete is surging. He will be our next and best president.

  19. 🇺🇸Buttigieg 2020🇺🇸


  21. Breaking news……. Pete endorsed Bernie. He was emailed a "I endorse Bernie letter" and he didn't opt out!

  22. FAKE NEWS Network scum cbsabccbscnn IS DISGRACEFUL

  23. She's awesome, I also would work for Pete forever if I could lol

  24. A story about Andrew Yang would be better.

  25. Someone chose to do a story on this. Presumably they could have chosen anything to do a story on and this is what they decided. Ok. Is she not basically a glorified P.A. or am I missing something…

  26. Tell us about the billionaire and millionaire private fundraiser events then . He is currently running off "I'm a outsider " but number 1 in collecting money from the 1% . She us that!

  27. Pete buttocks is promising free blow jobs if he wins

  28. Maybe she will straighten Pete out and he will stop being vaginaphobic

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