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Meet The People Getting $1,000 A Month From Andrew Yang’s Campaign | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Simone Boyce met with people who are a part of Andrew Yang’s pilot program for his Universal Basic Income policy to see how they’ve been spending the extra $1,000 every month.
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Meet The People Getting $1,000 A Month From Andrew Yang’s Campaign | NBC News NOW


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  1. He doesn’t want to vote for Yang…he’ll get what he derserves

  2. The poor will be affected by vat?

    No, only those who can spend more than 10k a month will be affected by VAT, and I am very sure if you can spend that kind of money, you are not in the category of "poor".

  3. You can't use Alaska as an example. Here in Alaska everything is expensive. A melon cost 30 dollars. The population hasn't reached 1 million

  4. Oh this diefently proved the news isnt biased

  5. Yang is a genius and shame on the media and MSNBC in particular for ignoring yang and not treating him seriously. Yang’s UBI plan would make the entire world a better place.

  6. when nbc realizes they made a mistake not covering but doesnt know how big a mistake that was

  7. The bigger uneducated part of U.S Voters need clarification that “Universal basic income for every adult over 18”, is for United States Citizens so they wont throw his whole argument out the window

  8. "Most economists agree a VAT would hit the poor the hardest" is simply not true. The only possible way that would be true is if it was just a flat VAT on everything which is not what Yang wants or what other countries have. Either they are pushing their agenda or incompetent

  9. Please do yourself a favor and look into this guy’s policies! He has a plan and wants to fix things. #Yang2020

  10. We pay GST 10% tax on items except foods and necessities. I was sceptical. It works. And the 1k we got during the 2008 crash floated the economy. We didn't go under when nearly EVERYONE else did. Imagine if it were monthly. The economy would boom, you become loyal and want to support brands producing in your country to support your economy. It inspires you a responsibility in you to try to help small business and local companies. It works psychologically and economically.

  11. Why is NBC providing misinformation again? “Most economist”? How did they come to that conclusion? UBI will help countless individuals and humanity as a whole. Yang for president!

  12. Robots will fill our future so this will be our future

  13. Hillary will get the nomination not Ying Yang

  14. Talk about giving a biased perspective jeez

  15. Andrew is awesome man… easily the best presidential candidate 2020!!!

  16. Who ever put thumbs down for this video is worse then scrooge! The spirit of Christmas past shouldn’t visit you but the devil should!!!!

  17. There is nothing more obnoxious then a well off individual scoffing at the prospect of directly eradicating poverty.

  18. I’ve never seen a delusional chat as this one👏

  19. Problem is that the companies and other people are going to increase prices or something like rent.

  20. this is an uncontrolled experiment. i support Yang Gang. but a limited few is not reality

  21. 10% value added tax on everything but food and clothing? Im totally cool with that. Everything else is just luxury.

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