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Megan Rapinoe’s Colorist Reveals the Products Behind Her Purple Hair Color

There are a number of reasons my husband and I have decided to leave each other for Megan Rapinoe, not the least of which is her enviable hair. Soccer fans haven’t seen her natural hair color, dirty blonde, in years; after cutting it short, she dyed it dark brown about a decade ago, and then she went — and stayed — platinum blonde up until she revealed hot-pink hair at a U.S. Women’s National Team match versus Mexico in May. Since then, the shade has shifted between pastel rose and vibrant lilac, captivating onlookers and even inspiring celebrities to consider a similar hair color for themselves. And thanks to Rapinoe’s colorist, Richard Drews, we now know how to achieve it.

Rapinoe is a regular at Drews’ Seattle salon, White Lodge Studios, where he has been keeping her platinum perfect for two years. But in spring, she was clearly feeling a colorful new vibe — and luckily, platinum is the ideal canvas for vivid colors.

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“I initially used Pravana Neon Pink after we did her bleach and tone,” Drews tells Allure of the semipermanent dye he used for Rapinoe’s hair transformation. “I think the combo of her using that on the road to keep the color mixed with this conditioner is what gave her the tonal changes people saw.”

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