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Meghan McCain Gets Awkward With Seth Meyers

Meghan McCain Gets Awkward With Seth Meyers

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Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/meghan-mccain-calls-seth-meyers-152054359.html

“Meghan McCain called out Seth Meyers on his show Tuesday, accusing the “Late Night” host of running defense for Rep. Ilhan Omar and her remarks about Israel. As things became increasingly testy, McCain said Meyers was acting like Omar’s publicist.

“Is there a way for people to talk about differences in Israeli policy without getting framed as anti-semitic language?” Meyers asked McCain — who has frequently criticized Omar’s past remarks as anti-semitic.

“Yeah, I just think you can’t talk about Jews hypnotizing the world, talking about all about the benjamins,” McCain responded referencing this tweet and this tweet that Omar has since apologized for (and deleted).”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. She needs an Oscar for the joe Lieberman stint

  2. Damn Meghan McCain is nice and thick.

  3. So…now, when it suits her, she defends Trump from other people. However, when it's her family being smeared, she hates him. Kick her hypocritical ass off The View….

  4. So what? Alyssa Milano also got "awkward" with twitter asking women not to have sex with men so that men will be okay with abortions. Does Alyssa get that women that don't have sex, would never need to kill a fetus by having an abortion?

  5. My husband cannot stand her and that Murdoch type of propaganda 👎🏿

  6. Megan needs to go hangout with her dad!

  7. When you can't logically defend your arguments……cry!

  8. It is truly hilarious to watch a natural born hater show emotion, AWKWARD

  9. In other words shut your terrorist mouth because your fake concern for jewish people is hiding behind your tiki torch

  10. The embarrassment of meghan mccain


  12. Wait..but gays are pedophiles AKA Catholic priest. That is a fact. I forgot you can't be truthful about homosexuality you have to be sympathetic

  13. well, actually… I don't like Donald Trump at all and he tells a lot of bullshit but I worked in a hospital in Saudi Arabia at the time when 9/11 happened and I saw Muslims celebrating with my own eyes, even medical Doctors who were my colleagues and I thought should be pro life were clapping each other on the backs in a congratulatory manner. This seriously shocked me as I had imagined them to be more progressive and enlightened than that. But this reflected the regard in which international muslims held the US at the time and I doubt that this improved with the advent of the Trump administration.

  14. Wow calling it as it is. Well done..

  15. Nutmeg is a spoiled entitled brat

  16. Who's MEGAn McCain?

  17. Bravo to Seth Meyers. He handled that combative interaction with intelligent and well stated responses. Meghan McCain and her husband are both appalling in their astounding ignorance and hypocrisy. As a gay man, I can attest that it is a scary time to live in this country, and it’s precisely because of the Republican Party under the growing dictatorship of the Trump administration.

  18. Thank you Seth for speaking the truth!!!!

  19. Sad that megan doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the words credence or leverage as they would apply to an a__hole like Trump. Should I find credible anything Trump says because of something a liberal said that was not clear or precise…well no I don't. Should I give DJT leverage to harm or threaten people I may not agree with…again no I would not. I think what she was trying to say is that you have to allow Trump to say stupid things as he is an ignorant imbecile. Again sorry Meg, no we don't, because he is no longer a game show entertainer he is a public servant.

  20. You have to give Megan some credit for for being an overweight blond bubble-headed millionaire conservative who can get emotional about loving her Jewish friends on cue. PS to those who think Anna is too loud or opinionated.while being incredibly beautiful and hot..Dont' be a snowflake there are woman who are strong, intelligent and saucy so pull up your big boy pants and get over it.

  21. megan go see your father

  22. False equivalence. The Republicans love to do this to justify the bad things they say and do. Both sides are doing it. Oh please….

  23. Why does Ana's voice volume go up so much when she gets excited about a topic? I have to skip her comments to get past the noise nuisance.

  24. …"Those In Glass Houses Always Throw The Biggest Stones"… …and they know they shouldn't …because one tiny rock thrown back…brings down the house

  25. Cent would have Ana in a hijab, probably beaten, and in the home if not for America. You’re welcome Ana. Sincerely, America

  26. Ana! 5:03. America made that happen. You’re sick

  27. I bet you guys are against gun rights. I think I know why. I bet I’m not the only one. You’re gross, dangerous, going to hell. Joy is a complete idiot. You’re so disappointing

  28. Seth is actually very thoughtful. Then again, we tend to sell comedians short as people who just tells jokes, but these days, its people like him that packages information to us in a way we care to listen to, because a lot in society these days have such short attention span and generally cares little about being engaged. Framing things in comedy actually makes people pay attention to things they would otherwise ignore. Other examples of comedians talking about important issues in the form of comedy is John Oliver and Trevor Noah.

  29. Why does Megan speak like a programmed robot? Megan is so black & white. It’s all or nothing. Megan sticks up for Trump on the view. Megan is such an idiot.

  30. Love how respectful these two are with each other and that they can interrupt one another and not yell at their co host for doing it like Megan haha

  31. You can't put Joy Behar and smart in the same sentence. It only exposes your intelligence

  32. seth meyer is a pathetic cuck.

  33. What you’re trying to say is that Meghan has no empathy.

  34. She hates Joy Behar yet Joy is the only one who gives a crap when she’s upset and reassures her

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