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Meghan McCain SNAPS at Amy Klobuchar

Meghan McCain SNAPS at Amy Klobuchar

Meghan McCain sent an angry tweet to Amy Klobuchar. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.rollcall.com/news/campaigns/twitter-scratches-head-meghan-mccain-tells-klobuchar-leave-father-presidential-politics

“The Twitterverse scratched its collective head on Memorial Day as Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late GOP Arizona Sen. John McCain, tweeted at Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar to keep her father’s name out of “presidential politics.”

“On behalf of the entire McCain family – @amyklobuchar please be respectful to all of us and leave my fathers legacy and memory out of presidential politics,” McCain, a co-host on the popular daytime television show “The View,” wrote.

McCain’s comments were in response to a story Klobuchar told at a 2020 presidential campaign event in Iowa over the weekend.

The Minnesota Democrat told the story of when the late McCain, whom she has called her “mentor,” began rattling off names to her of authoritarian leaders as they listened to President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration speech, suggesting that he was joining their ranks.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Mark Thompson

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Mark Thompson


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  1. Do you think Meghan McCain is disrespecting her father’s legacy by inserting herself into situations like this one?

  2. We've all lost our love ones. She needs to stop being baby girl. Grow up !!!

  3. I Absolutely agree with you all on this TYT.

  4. The woman was complementary.whats the beef?

  5. Meghan needs to get a LIFE……………..

  6. McCain 's grandfather was a war criminal! UUS LIBERTY ,educate your self about what his role was .American naval soldiers of the UUS Liberty have spoken out after 50 yrs of suppression !!

  7. You know, Meghan probably was too sensitive about the Amy Klobuchar's comment, but mocking her and telling her to "stop talking about her dad" is unbecoming of this show. I'm not saying I'm a Meghan McCain fan, but I realize her Dad was a huge part of her life and he died only 10 months ago. Where is the empathy? Where is the compassion? No one changes or grows because you were a dick to them about their dead dad. Do better than this.

  8. Normal person=Aren’t these dogs cute? McCain=Yes, they are. Speaking of cute did I tell you my Dad Blah Blah blah

  9. Why is she bitching about Amy talking about john yet on the View Meghan can not stfu about her old man? 🤔

  10. Watched again on Pluto. Bomb bomb bomb Iran is my least favorite Beach Boys song

  11. Meghan McCain needs to quit the late night ice cream runs!

  12. Who hasn't Meghan McCain snapped at?

  13. I will not watch the View until Meghan is gone .

  14. I can't stand Meagan McCain. I won't watch The View because of you Meaghan. Gross.

  15. It's meegan not meggan. Why is she so FAT? How does anyone get that FAT? Jesus

  16. The fact that Megan is even on tv is testament to paid advertising by the MIC.

  17. Can anyone tell me what Klobuchar was talking about when she said John McCain was her mentor? It matters because she could have meant that he helped her adjust and showed her how things sort of ran when she got to Congress, or she may have meant it in another non-policy way. It's just that we wouldn't want someone taking a phrase of Bernie or whoever's and using it to make judgements.

  18. McCain had a since of humor.

  19. Stfu me again meghan my daddy, my father. Boo hoo

  20. I wonder what Meghan McCain really thinks of Vietnamese people, or Southeast Asians for that matter because they all probably look alike to her.

  21. I expect nothing less from some whiny entitled little brat… I can’t stand Meghan McCain 🤮

  22. So TYT is now a full on gossip show. I remember when you did real news professionally presented without the shade and Alex Jones style hysterics.

  23. John McCain was a public figure. Opinions and anecdotes are not off limits.

  24. On the matter of the number of Democratic candidates for president, it has made me wonder if the field has intentionally been expanded. With the wide spectrum of choices, it may be an attempt by outside parties to pollute the field with such undesirable options it could take away from the ability of the nominee to be elected. As you have reported, bribery takes many forms and can be given for outlandish reasons.

  25. Meagan McCain is whack and needs to find herself a hobby besides continue on riding daddys coat tail..

  26. I’m so glad that Amy Klobuchar decided to run for president. I live in Minnesota and have been voting for her all these yrs but I know now where she stands exactly and doesn’t sound like a democrat to me.

  27. Can Meghan McCain just go away ? She doesn't need to go away mad, she just needs to go away.

  28. I agree Meagan does play the card of her father so I don't get it. She always has an issue.

  29. Is this an official Meghan McCain gossip channel now?

  30. Who cares about Meghan McCain's opinion on anything? I hope she gets over her midlife crisis and pray her grief is lifted–or at least ended publicly.

  31. Meaning Mr McCain recognized trump as a despot????

  32. John McCain served the country honorably, but let's face it: he was a flawed person – not a saint.

  33. Damn you guys are obsessed with Meghan. Just stop talking about her and she will leaaaaaaave yet you are obsessed

  34. Meghan McCain is a fat, whiney bitch. I wish SHE would get off the pity party bandwagon and stop using her dead father to justify her panties getting into a fkn wad every time someone says ANYTHING about him she doesn't like.

  35. Megan McCain should keep her mouth shut because she seems to do nothing but open it to change feet. She certainly isn't a chip off the old block. Emotional and with vocal cords not necessarily in communication with her speech center. John McCain was, without a doubt, a hawk but, like him or dislike him, while hard-nosed, he was intelligent and thought before he spoke. Megan runs on emotion, not logic. She will call up the memory of her father if it suits her immediate need but, will crap on anyone else who does likewise. Sorry Megan, he was a public figure with a public persona and anecdotes, memories and stories from people who knew him and worked with him are fair game and to be expected. Don't you get to rave emotionally on the set of The View?

  36. Mr
    star are you on trumps pay roll to when he stuck you in I bet he is stilled laughing did he give you a hat to.pee

  37. As Democrats we really are glad trump is again the best they have !

  38. The princess of Arizona is such a embarrassment to the view and her father.

  39. do you know what is dumber than trump no one knows !

  40. Immature, ignorant and privileged pink woman, what's new?

  41. Meghan is ridiculous. She talks about her father 24/7 and then has the NERVE to tell someone she can't do the same! I'm sorry honey but your father is a public figure and people can say what they want to say about him…the same way they can say whatever they want about you! She needs to get over herself!

  42. MeAgain McCain is an obese twat.

  43. Damn, she's a mean bitch 👍😎

  44. John McCain was a politician so in essence fair game.

  45. One reason I refuse to be associated with the left anymore is because a majority of them suddenly eat from J.Mccain's asshole

  46. Is McCain coincidentally Meghan's husband's name, or is she just milking the legacy?
    Why wouldn't mentioning daddy McCain be free speech worthy of baby McCain's disingenuous, whiny protectionism?

    Does Klobuchar really believe that playing 'Republicrat' will win over enough non-voters, conscientious objectors &/or independents?

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