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Meizu MX3 hands-on | Engadget

Meizu MX3 hands-on | Engadget

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Richard Lai is quite surprised by the improvement from the Meizu MX2 to the MX3. Here’s his hands-on report from Beijing. Having sat through Meizu’s entire launch event in Beijing, we have to admit: the new MX3 took us by surprise. We weren’t expecting much after knowing some of the key specs from the leaks, and to be frank, the Chinese company lost its way with the MX2; but Jack Wong’s team seems to have put its focus back in place with its latest flagship.

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  1. It looks like iphone mixed with s4

  2. the best android phone ever. brilliant out look and fluent operation. love it

  3. mx3很惊艳!!希望走出国门!!!加油!!

  4. where is ubuntu phone for meizu

  5. Soo im Confused is it an android device or a whole different OS

  6. Camera is like shit, but still..it's cheap.

  7. no you wouldnt

    sorry bro

  8. 魅族脑残粉滚粗!Anyway还是比期货好。

  9. 魅族mx3是中国手机中最棒的,没有之一

  10. Great design at both side. I like how phone and software are handsome.

  11. Well … You could say the same about HTC, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo … I mean, it's difficult to make a less qualified phone than the crappy Samsung's one.

  12. And Apple copied LG Prada's shape. Which was released in 2006. Look it up.

  13. You may buy it from Ebay or Amazon, its actually not sold in American stores

  14. 因为边框窄的缘故,MX3实际上没有想象中那么大,看上去还是很秀气。比三星好看多了,实话实说。

  15. yes, meizu has copied apple's shape from their first phone to the latest version

  16. It has a shape of a bigger 3 gs

  17. its not pronounced Fly Me, its Flim

  18. MEIZU's official website

  19. MEIZU's official website

  20. Where can I buy this phone? Will it work on T-Mobile US?

  21. 魅族挺不错的,在外形上

  22. 苹果抄袭魅族的扁平化设计

  23. Where can I buy it, I'm from Mexico

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