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Memorial tribute: Horrors of 9/11 still linger

Memorial tribute: Horrors of 9/11 still linger: A memorial has been unveiled in New York to remember increasing numbers of 9/11 victims.
Hundreds of thousands of people were exposed to toxic dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings in 2001.
And first responders continue to suffer from ill health.

Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from New York.

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  1. We see horror in this, the Government sees a big benefit "Medicare for All". They haven't said much about the radiation levels in California from Fukushima either…..

  2. In countries attacked by the US, everyday is a new 9/11 for them

  3. I wonder how american people are brainwashed sheeple 9/11 was inside job . This is all behind cia and mossad surely 100%.

  4. We all know who was behind this and who Weaponizes the Terrorist. You guyz r after Iran is the greed u think u can take on a Muslim country and the others watch 🇹🇷🇮🇷

  5. What those terrors did was a cowardly cowardly attack, so unexpectedly and security was not as strict as today!!But dont worry,they are screaming in hel,they thought it is paradise were I come,but when they also died on that day 9-11…suprise!!welcome in hel says satan,welcome!O you thought paradise,of course because I am the greathest deceiver satan and all my lies gonna bring me more souls in my hel!

  6. Since the 911 false flag attacks,millions of iraqis,afghans,libyans and syrians have been murdered by american state terrorism.
    Will anyone be holding memorials for the millions killed by american state terrorists.

  7. USA n mossad did planned and executed this

  8. Worse things will come to America.

  9. Oh wow americans finally realising the government is bullshitting
    Now whats about your wars ?

  10. Should turned those terrorists countries into glass after 9/11

  11. It was over 18 years ago. Move on already.

  12. Look america what you did in the name of hatered for muslim you killed your own people to show your power

  13. If you Didn't know USA and Israel are both fighting on the side of Al-Qaeda in Syria and Yemen, and that is if you believe the fiction story aka Official Theory where they claim a Man Hiding in a Cave did the attack, 9/11 was an Israeli Mossad false flag Terrorist Attack and the hijackers came from Saudi Wahabi Arabia the country all Presidents of USA sell weapons to whether it is Obama selling them $115+ Billion of weaponry or Trump selling them $110 Billion along with giving them the means to create Nuclear Bombs in the near future.

  14. US killed way more than 9/11

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