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Mercedes-Benz A220 Review: Tech-filled luxury value

Mercedes-Benz A220 Review: Tech-filled luxury value

A few years ago the infotainment systems found in passenger vehicles were pretty pitiful. It’s why people were happy to start using Android Auto and CarPlay. The alternative was underpowered in-dash confusion.

Over the years, that’s changed and at the forefront of that change is Mercedes with its impressive voice-activated MBUX system. It’s smart, quick, easy to use and looks great. The best part, it’s in the stellar new A-Class.

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  1. Pointless, in the time it takes to say hey Mercedes and the reply i could have adjusted the temp twice.

  2. I think there is a typo on the title of the video: this is a commercial, not a review….

  3. Want this car! Very nice👍🏽

  4. Love that car! Gonna buy one next year 😍

  5. Where do you plug it in at?

  6. Mercedes is playing to their strengths in this car. The interior is gorgeous and Tesla has nothing on it atm. The MBUX works pretty well and looks very good too. Only the propulsion is dated.

  7. Did he mention price?

  8. Might be a good deal when its loses 60% of its value in 2 years.

  9. I liked it when test driven, but felt like the model 3 is the better value. A220 got out of its own way in sport mode, materials were 3.8 out of 5 (arm rest was hard to me) , the amg kits looked OK and lights were cool. Save a little bit more for Model 3 or step up to e400 or better. Since I drove the Tesla, everything else to me is nice..for a gas car. I can't pull the trigger on anything but Tesla because of their features and upgrades.

  10. Peasants. Get a C series or higher if you want a real Mercedes.

  11. Awesome car but that dash screen is horrible. From the side it just looks like someone propped their Galaxy Note against an empty dashboard.

  12. Remote auto start? Phone instead of a key?

  13. Mercedes got extremely lazy by putting a huge tablet where the dashboard would be. Worse still is the tablet is shiny. If I had the money I would buy a different car because I don't like that dashboard or lack of dashboard.

  14. Sod the screens. Is it fast? Comfortable on a long journey? Has it got a decent boot? Is it NCAP 5? What is the mpg? Does it handle well in all conditions? I want a car, not an Ipad on wheels.

  15. i dont think tech journalists should be covering cars. even full blown auto journalists are garbage.

  16. Impressive work by Mercedes.

  17. "This car has the best infotainment screen."

    Tesla: "Hold my beer"

  18. You need some bigger jeans than the high school ones you're wearing

  19. I mean it's good and all but I think it meant for people who prefer a car every 80-100K. I currently have a Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 SE but I change the oil every 3,000 miles and use premium gas. Waiting for it to hit 50,000 miles to get the transmission fluid changed.
    These German cars are definitely high maintenance and need TLC but once they hit a certain point, they're garbage.

  20. Guess petrol diesel cars aren’t gonna disappear any time soon.

  21. Who mental buys 34k crap A class when you can get 40k Model 3. Most feature am interested is self driving, acceleration & handling with very little maintenance.

  22. Engadget is living in a cave…. seems like they are unaware of Tesla

  23. I just want a cheap autonomous driving car. Have no interest in fancy auxiliaries

  24. Best infotainment in a car? What about tesla? And auto pilot ?

  25. 69 degrees …. he .. hehe :)))

  26. It's an ok car. It has catched up with the Apple and Samsung reality, but still can't drive itself and is build from cows and has a combustion engine. So yeah, nothing too special, just an ok car.

  27. This looks a lot better than the previous A series in my opinion

  28. The A series only looks good in hatchbacks , if you want a Sedan get a used C series .

  29. “Foot pounds of torque”? Come on guys, you can do better

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