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Mexican Witchcraft | National Geographic

Mexican Witchcraft | National Geographic

Practitioners of witchcraft employ their skills for both beneficial and sinister uses.
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Mexican Witchcraft | National Geographic

National Geographic

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    time to go to church

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  3. World should return good old burning of the witches..

  4. Law of Karma all im gone say. Humans are POWERLESS.

  5. I absolutely love this topic!

  6. Some spooky looking dirty laundry and jars of rotten cabbage.

  7. thumbnail look like kodak black lmao

  8. No weapon formed against me shall prosper!

  9. Bro I passed store like that I one time I was dizzy

  10. The history of this kind of witchcraft Is mentioned in the Muslims book the 'Holy Quran'. It was started after the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and obviously before the Prophet JESUS Christ (peace be upon him). Yet it is believed that it can not effect you if you seek refuge of ALLAH (lord and creator of the whole universe, here and after).

  11. You lost me when he started punching that frog


  13. Mexican witchcraft has no power here…so let it be written , so let it be done

  14. more witchcraft to get rid of witchcraft makes a lot of sense

  15. Don’t believe the hype.
    Trust me my family’s roots come from Deep South in Mexico where it originated from. It’s scam. Not real

  16. this statue face is black

  17. Just like The Brainaic 1962, Mexican film

  18. Don't care who practices what, it's demonic and will be judge by Jehovah!

  19. You should not have a cross with jesus on it because he is no longer on it……
    You should only have a blank cross…….
    Cross with him on is are demonic
    And bring negative energy unless you bless it first

  20. This will never scare or intimidate me.Evil spirits and demons tremble in fear in the name of Jesus Christ lord and savior. Amen

  21. Mexico is one of the most satanic countries over the face of the earth…

  22. f**** evil people out there taking the time to go out in the middle of nowhere and Berry some b***** spell in a rock f*** that I don't got time for that s*** I'll just pay a hitman to kill my ex lol

  23. These Muggles solemnly swears they're up to no good

  24. Having grown up with Mexican Protestants, I can tell you that these beliefs are common among Mexican Roman Catholics. RCs are incredibly superstitious, and I grew up viewing them as such. There is a world of difference between Protestants and Roman Catholics among Mexicans.

  25. Please Lord, come quickly with fire!

  26. Me: Alright, time to learn about the theory of relativity and how it relates to deep space travel

    Also Me: Curses need the powers of bat wings, pig tongues, and latin prayers. Oh, also lemme slap a frogs tummy.

  27. I feel like this documentary is extremely bias. There are people from another religion destroying other people’s religious works. And not only that but no Hispanic witch was talked to what so ever. Only their opinion was implemented.

  28. Brujeria is NOT santeria. Its ignorant videos like this that give santeria a bad name


  30. They are obstructing a sacred right, right? Anyways I wouldn’t mess with the bruja’s spells

  31. That one guy spank that frog

  32. So he saw these jugs full of water, and that's what made him believe in it? Please. People shouldn't waste their time on superstition, especially if they're supposed to be scientists.

  33. The black magic and evil spirits are all to real every day deals are made with lucifer and dark beings , I have found that only true belief in them , will they want to contact you as they have before and continue, calling upon them is more dangerous than playing with fire

  34. “It’s black magic”

    *touches everything

  35. For the animals were killed, Amituofo🙏

  36. God Mexicans are such superstitious weirdos. No burying hexes is not going to do anything. Stupids.

  37. As a proud member of the Pagan community I find this very biased. Yes there's dark magic but there's light magic too. I feel like this video only chose to showcase this just to try and take a stab at the community there. And let me tell you something. The fact they chose to show the curses interesting they may be. All magic is what it is not.

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