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Mexico sends troops to southern border over migrant deal

It’s part of a deal struck with US President Donald Trump to curb the flow of Central Americans seeking asylum in the US.
The migrants say they’re fleeing violence in their home countries.
Mexico’s move comes as Trump threatened to impose tariffs on the country if it did not do more to stop the migrant tide.

Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports from El Paso, Texas.

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  1. Just stop with the feel sorry for these people Why don't you tell us about these incidents at the border: June 9 assault on a U.S. Border Patrol Agent by 3 men who made an illegal entry, the June 11 arrest of Luis Fernando Godoy-Chavirria a Guatemala who served time for homicide, the arrest of Tatiana Elizabeth Gomez de Varela an El Salvadorian female who has an extensive criminal history, Mexican national for illegal re-entry of an aggravated felon who was deport from Colorado after serving time for homicide murder, June 12 Jose Eduardo Rodriguez-Aguirre, a Mexican national arrested as an active member of the Latin Kings street gang, June 13 Celso Alexander Portillo-Rivera from El Salvador previous deported from Del Rio TX who has an extensive criminal history > Just naming a few bringing their violence to here.



  4. Most of all these men will end up taking jobs from US Americans. using other Americans peoples Ss# to work. These people just keep having kids here not Out of love!!!!!! But to be used as a tool. So that the day they are caught they can play the ….oh I got 4…..5 kids here omg these people run on Feeling's and will take your job in a heartbeat. I've seen it many many times. Most hate us just for being real Americans. For speaking English. I've worked along side them for yrs. And seen American youths trying to learn. A trade work only to be laugh at by all these illegals at ALL our Const. Sites ICE hit all our Const. Sites. !!!!!!!It hurts to say all this cuz it is my own people but it's all true. !!!!!!! Americans for TRUMP !!!!!

  5. A lot of people who came legally also fled violence and were looking for a better life.

  6. if u see black and white footage as an proof evidence it 100% montage full of lies

  7. They are NOT Migrants they are people trying to avert US Law.

  8. This is all happening because of the U.S. actions in South America Many years ago, around the Vietnam era, the U.S stated a dictatorship in many South American Countries so that way they wouldn’t welcome Communism. Specially the CIA, they created a mess and now y’all gotta pay for it.

  9. Use rubber bullets to keep them on the Mexican side of the river

  10. Wow, actual neutral reporting. What a refreshing change. Situation is complex, simple problems will not fix it, the US feels likes it being taken advantaged of and has its own challenges with a wide number of ppl being left behind. Migrants feel exasperated and feel a strong pull north to a land of actual economic activity and the rule of law where their kids have a chance. It seems to me that political mismanagement in Central Amercica (CA) is becoming problematic and that the best solution requires a sincere fix through political avenues in CA to relieve pressure on everyone.

  11. The illegal Hondurans and Cubans are not migrants! They are criminals !!!

  12. Boycott Israel and make Donald Trump pay for the BRIDGE!

  13. The grand river??? 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I'm sure Trump had nothing to do with this. This looks more like the type of thing only a Nobel Peace Prize winner could come up with. Yup!

  15. The best ways America can help minimises economic migration illegally into America is to stop disrupting S.American economy,help build stability and promote economic prosperity in their countries,STOP SANCTIONS,POLITICAL INTERVENTIONS AND SABOTAGE.

  16. ALL the illegal CUBAN commies MUST be DEPORTED immediately.

  17. Send them back. This is a scam!

  18. The world need its maker

  19. stop having so many children then your trouble will be over.Don't be be a root rat then you wont have any problem.The are so many country with a lots of problem, but i don't see any of them invading other country .These people will have to understand when a house is full that's mean there is no more room.

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