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Mexico's president vows to curb crime with social programmes

Six months into his administration, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is struggling to curb a wave of violence in the country.
Lopez Obrador says he wants to fight crime with social programmes that will not only lift people out of poverty, but prevent at-risk young people and unemployed adults from ending up in organised crimes.
Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports from Veracruz, Mexico.

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  1. Power to the illiterate, brown indians in Mexico! Power to the Mexican Marxist leftist messiah AMLO!
    Down with all the middle class and Upper class! (Except Donald trump, his family and his Jewish amigos and socios)

  2. A.M.L.O is the worst president in Mexico's history.

  3. Communist Cuba and Venezuela are failed narco-states controlled by the C I A. AMLO is following the crooked steps of the communist regimes, subordinated to the C I A.

  4. Mexico Is Advancing..Slowly But They Have Advance A lot In Technology And Have Learn More And More Thanks To The Internet..Give It Time They Will Eventually Cartels Wont Go Away Just Like Gangs In The United States..

  5. AMLO is illiterate! His speeches sound like a salesman of used cars. He can't speak English and took 15 years! to complete his bachelors degree!! He lacks of international experience, he has never been in Asia, Europe, USA or any other country, besides communist Cuba.
    AMLO is a populist.. subordinated to Los Zetas aka the cartel manufactured, armed and trained by USA and Israel.

  6. The demand and consume of illegal hard-drugs is unstoppable.
    "The War on Drugs" was a CIA operation to kill Mexicans, destabilize the Right-Wing conservative government and take over PEMEX.
    AMLO is a commie-puppet subordinated to Los Zetas.- the cartel manufactured, armed and trained by USA and Israel.

  7. Well, I can see this guy is a real genius.

  8. yes, US got rich by putting all its population into farms…oh wait.

  9. If AMLO wants to change Mexico he could do so. A Mexican president has vast powers. However the rich, the corrupt and the narcos like things exactly as they are. This is why change is so difficult in any country. Just a little tinkering here and there.

  10. Social programs and subsidies never worked for the poor, just give them more freedom for trade and business without the bureaucracy and corruption of government and they will grow out of poverty.

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