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Michael Bennet Gets SALTY With Cenk

Michael Bennet Gets SALTY With Cenk

Michael Bennet wasn’t a fan of Cenk’s follow-up question. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Michael Bennet wasn’t a fan of Cenk’s follow-up question. Leave a comment below.

  2. lots of corporate news "recommendations" by youtube, I don't want to watch any corporate news fools

  3. Michael Bennett may be the weakest, dullest, worst candidate still in the race (except the republican)

  4. I mean I'm okay with both options. Australia has the public option and the (few) people I know there love it and they are all conservative

  5. Is Bennett drunk? He's slurring his words.

  6. Bla bla bla… Taxes bla bla insurance bla bla.
    Amazon pays $0 in taxes and then the wealthiest man in the world wants drones and contract workers not employees to avoid this insurance issue too! Go after the correct problems sheeple. The wealthiest nation in the history of society can't secure the health of its people but we get a new iphone on amazon every 6 months! Time for football, nevermind!

  7. I lost a lot of respect for Bennet when I had a brief face to face with him at a townhall and he said that he didn’t think we should import drugs from Canada because they might not be safe. He is basically a health insurance sellout. I’d still rather have him in office than a Ratpublican, but he’s our Colorado DINO. Same with Hickenlooper. Colorado is further left than our representation. Although Polis is great!

  8. Michael Bennet, John Delaney & John Hickenpooper, Must Exit NOW.

  9. Yawn Bennet is a nothing and will win nothing…NEXT!!!

  10. Cenk is totally tubular bro

  11. Hey Bennet, did you just try to manipulate me with that 33 trillion number? Are you trying to scare us? So you think we didn't check the numbers? You just want a healthcare system that only benefits the rich, you hate the thought of poor people getting the same care as rich people like you. You are a bought politician and you will be remembered like that.

  12. Most people HATE their healthcare plan.

  13. Michael Bennet I think is talking about something else entirely. Methinks when he's talking about them Pipe Fitters, he's talking about himselfs.

  14. I really wish Bernie would emphasize their talking point is for workers who buy into private care plans under unions which is a small percentage of the overall number of workers who are not in unions. No choice and some choices are not the same as a human right that is FREE, or literally half of what our Nation spends today but WILL Not bankrupt us for continuing doing so for everyone!!

    👏😂💯 Bernie2020

  15. 5:30 that smile on that girl he's with.. lol… why did he snap like that? Honestly Michael Bennet seems like an alright guy. He has that sweet demeanor where his voice almost sounds like its being filtered through someone 10x his age.

  16. Insurance ads on this video, lol

  17. Companies can keep wages low because benefits are factored in to the entire compensation package. Also, the private insurance you get through work, one still has to pay for in part, and that part always seems to go up every year as you bounce around to various health insurance companies and plans with bigger and bigger deductibles and co-pays. It sucks. Medicare for All is comprehensive coverage that is there wether you loose your job or quit your job. In fact, with the freedom to go tell your boss to shove it, you actually increase your bargaining power for higher pay.

  18. Bernie thinks he has the right to tell me where I get my insurance.

  19. Cenk wiped away Bennett's salty neo liberal tears.💩👺💩👺

  20. Bennet told Cenk in the beginning why he ended up getting angry. He resents having to defend his position against Bernie's.

  21. Ana with the Daaaaaamn… lol

  22. I'm a member of the IAM union at my job and just imagining what we could bargain for and get from the company if we didn't have to spend so much time arguing over insurance that nobody likes and would probably give up in an instant if they were properly informed.

  23. Ana got on way way too much makeup on.

  24. The public option won't work. It will happen as it does in in my country: it's severely under funded. Public healthcare has to be mandatory for it to work. That's why, for a country as large as the US, government funded privately delivered healthcare is much better. Hence Medicare for All.

  25. Bennet has ZERO chance of getting elected, his schlep ass needs to drop out now as well as a lot of the other clowns in the pack.

  26. So, even if Bennett was correct, why should everyone else suffer because the pipefitters want to keep their insurance?

  27. I'm fairly certain Michael Bennet is taking whatever pharmaceutical Ben Carson is on.

  28. Listening to him talk is kinda entertaining

  29. Question? Wouldn't the union workers get to keep their whole package and put it on the check if we get medical for all?

  30. The pipefitter argument: saying that getting better insurance would be an insult to them because they negotiated for their insurance is just silly. It's like saying that we should have a $.25 per hour minimum wage because my grandfather pushed for that in 1938. If something better comes along, it would be an insult NOT to take the better option.

    Cenk mentioned the poll, I would be curious what the popularity would be if you mentioned having medical insurance without a profit motive. Imagine not having to argue with your insurance company to say that you need your life saving treatment and not having to pay a bunch more because you got sick.

  31. He can disagree with Bernie. But unfortunately for Bennet the majority of Democrats do not. Bennet's going nowhere.

  32. I think Michael Bennett is fairly emotional person on a daily basis insofar that he is the epitome of a frustrated moderate. I actually think Bennett is a smart guy, and I appreciate him making a clear political case for the public option due to the offense/defense dynamic. But I do think that there’s a part of him who’s just really bitter about being like the only senator who doesn’t get taken seriously.

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