Michael Flynn’s attorney slams FBI, FISA judges for abuse of power

Former federal prosecutor and attorney for former national security adviser Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, discusses the FBI, the FISA court system and the IG report.

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  1. Flynn should sue Comey and the other perpetrator’s personal estates. These jerks pray that Flynn and other victims will sue the government not them.

  2. Good lord…if I were a judge id rule in her favor just to prevent myself from falling asleep!

  3. Notice how Fox runs that graphic close to the guest speakers head to draw your attention away from the guest and what they are saying?

  4. Flynn should now sue for violating his civil rights!!!😡😡😡


  6. Nothing's going to happen. No one will be held accountable. They never are. It's all just a soap opera to keep us entertained.

  7. FISA Judges, FISA should be shut down, and eliminated. The FBI too! We need to protect our system against this crap. The FBI Lawyer SHOULD be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law !!!!

  8. The Demorats did not confer with the GOP on impeachment rules!

  9. Time for a change I am sick of seeing innocent people destroyed by agenda driven slime worms.

  10. The entire World already knows the truth about our Deep State criminals.
    The entire World is waiting to see if America still has the Rule of Law.
    If no high level politicians are not incarcerated in the 2020 there will be a bloody Revolt.

  11. BOOM Durham's got Joseph Mifsud's C-A brand phones? Durham and Barr & POTUS have got it all. BooM IG Horowitz launches a broader review of the FBI's use of the FISA Court. Keep on Crushing it, Ms. Powell! oh and now FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer is stepping down.

  12. Obama fired Gen Flynn. Obama wanted him crucified.

  13. Premierement presque tout les nom daccuser et meme ceux qui ont passer en cour supreme. He sont pas leurs nom il vous on tous cacher la veriter avec cette piece de theatre mal fais quand que sa part tout du vol de donner et dutiliser Lea cameras as leur insus et leur micro et sa. Du nude au accompte de banque

  14. But this judge is still going to sentence Gen Flynn on a guilty plea to nothing.

  15. I just heard Mitzud committed suicide!! Go figure! One of the FISA jusde removed herself because of medical reasons and Judge Roberts replaced her with an Obama appointed Judge. This is so deep, don’t know how we’ll get out of this!

  16. No wonder it appears to a lot of people like these FISA court judges are bought and paid for , you want this job then you rubberstamp anything we put in front of you .🙈🙉🙈🙉 you see no evil you hear no evil, just sign it .

  17. Justice is not a revenge tool. But considering what has transpired on the Democratic side of the isle in conjunction with overuse and abuse of all the alphabet intelligence agency's at their disposal to in fact enlist a full coupe against The President and The People of The United States who voted for Him, the book should and better be thrown at all involved from the lowest to the highest rung including the former President Obama on down. Justice.

  18. Where is Misfud?

    Where are the whistleblower (s)?

  19. Judge Rosemary Collyer is weak. She is supposed to be the FISC supervisor. Why hasn't the FISC shown any outrage when the fraud perpetrated upon them by the FBI was exposed? I suspect that these "secret" judges are deep into the swampy DC culture and were in on the attempted coup against the President. Is it any surprise the Collyer has announced her retirement? Do you think she's going to be able to slither away from this pile of excrement?

  20. When democratic corruption is involved you can not trust the legal system….. if they want to silence you they will create a crime and the evidence to convict you…. You may be next!

  21. Anyone having issues with finding content? I searched news for yesterday and get this from the 19th, or I get a totally foreign language? And no queue's or dates before opening? Them Dems are going way too far!!!!!

  22. Ever notice how every police officers pupils are dilated.. be hell if we started pulling them over to use the Pupil Chart on them..I'm fixn start sobriety tests on them

  23. These corrupt officials are in every agency we have. Our government is out of control.

  24. Gen Flynn is obviously very smart and politically accute. You don't become a general if your not. He was accutely aware of the intelligence corruption. How did he slip into their trap?. Flynn certainly is not naive.

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