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Michael Jackson Secret Love Child Brandon Howard Revealed

Michael Jackson may have a secret son and love child named Brandon Howard according a new DNA test making ‘Billie Jean’ a true story. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

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  1. If he sounds like MJ he has been working on perfecting it for years…..if he is some ones son check jermaine he looks more like him or his sons……..his voice is all crackles. And he is really putting effort into his actions to be like MJ and sing……..how come he has no big record deal…..because he is not a Jackson period…

  2. It can't be Michael's son……….he is to ugly……..all the hype your putting on this…..if it's Michael's why don't Howard have a legitimate DNA done at the DNA clinic….I'm not taking his word for it, plus Michael never talked about him like he did Bigi and omer………forget. About the easy money Howard…… Your not his son….

  3. He also favor his uncles.

  4. Now this guy look like him.

  5. I believe Brandon is Michaels son

  6. If he had had positive DNA testing done this would be front page news…

  7. So Micki Howard is Billie Jean? He was born around the time the song was being recorded

  8. B Howards is not Michael Jackson son .Miki Howardcame forward and said this is not Michael Jackson's son!! Brandon should be ashamed all he did was mimic and imitate Michael Jackson and the world is going crazy thinking that's Michael Jackson's traits!! After Michael Jackson dies he comes out and say this bs and just runs with it

  9. Lie, actually differend person


  11. Just because somebody imitates a famous person, that doesn't mean that he's the famous person's son. You guys are stupid.

  12. Não parece nada ele é muito gordo dia mais perto do astro não tem nada ver não sai nem na foto

  13. How did they get Michael’s DNA to take the test?

  14. I think he’s Michael’s son. If he isn’t Michael’s son I would venture out to say he’s a love child of Joe’s (rest his soul)..

  15. Billie Jean song has nothing to do with Brandon. Brandon is Mike's first born, Omer the second and Prince his third. Mike did a good job protecting his sons from all the lies and viciousness he went through. Job well done.

  16. Brandon said it best."my father loved me and protected me! What would have happened to me being Michael Jackson's son growing up in New Jersey! Everyone who needed to know knew he is Mike's son.

  17. Hard to say! The only two people who would know that are MJ and the boy's mom. Who are we to say who MJ had relations with? If DNA proved it, then he is. Now if his physical characteristics were blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin we would see it was obviously not his. There are too many resemblances. In some cases, things like this might be motivated by money. I do not believe this is.

  18. He has the high cheekbones and the same body type. Even though he's lighter than, and has a smaller nose, you can tell he has jackson features.

  19. I'm not buying it just as fake as Prince's alleged son

  20. Brandon Howard le vrais fils de Michael Jackson biologiques

  21. it says that he did dna test if this true maybe he is kids looks to both parents not only one

  22. No no no no i am NOT buying this.

  23. Mike all the way' yeah that look like him he got the original 👃 before Mike went all out. but it looks fine ain't nothing wrong with that nose not fake look at the Billy video all in the face blanket and cotton what's thy name like something but Brandon is more calm and collect don't be shy be u Brandon fallow your heart peace ☮️ and welcome fianly now I can sleep

  24. He looks like a black grant gustin (the cw flash)

  25. Omg yes!!! His black!!! Finally michael jackson have a black son!!! YES OMG!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

  26. Yes!! he is everything about him is Michael

  27. I don't think micheal would imbregnate a black getto bich when he had so much hotties to chose from

  28. Bullshit Micheal is black he had soul as a child, he recreated himself and this boy is doing the same.

  29. It's not right. And we can't progress, because I'm part of our future and the suff goes with me. Not yall and not them. https://youtu.be/A9VXMqQSjmo
    Why is the Jackson Family ignoring Michael Jackson's biological son. Not only do the Jackson's, but the media has blacklisted this as well and have offered no investigative journalism inquiries into the allegations. This is beyond a conspiracy and I will continue to release the truth about this and my own opinions about why my life is being oppressed. There are so many situations that are intertwined into this, extortion, racism, fear, jealousy, mental retardation, ignorance, fraud, blackmail, blackballing and general discrimination.
    Factually, I am Michael's biological son and my life is being fabricated and people are using forms of power-real power-and conspiring to use me and block me from my future and any possibilities and opportunities. I have the truth about a bunch of stuff that I am going to promote, since avenues of my life are being blocked in a paranormal way. The initial source and foundation of the issues is White Supremacy and White Power and Illuminati racism, etc. People involved in my life are being used and using and abusing me. I have specifics about the details on what white power truly is, on what the illuminati really does, about what people in Hollywood really have done–murders etc. I know who Michael Jackson's other kids and family members are. I know about the things ailing the black community which white people have enacted into affect. About mind control, brainwash, alternate demensions, lucid dreaming, time travel and all the bullshit they think will position themselves better than blacks, how they alter our HEALTH and FUTURES and what their white priviledge consists of, how they use cyber space; etc-the truth is that they are controling and manpulating people and blacks are their targets; they are infringing on our rights as human beings and afflicting us and I'm going to tell you the real reality and specificially what they do. You might have power but some people still don't know. I'm not stopping. Because someone is overstepping their boundaries in my life and this is the result. Refusing this only gives them power. I'm about to tell you how far they go. You know I'm at the top.

  30. 2017 and I’m jus finding out 😂

  31. i wanna say some illuminati conspiracy shit, but i dont no one following around my town anymore lol

  32. Fuck a DNA you are what your father are this man have all mj looks

  33. No way,;( everybody gone insane… this snap crackle an pop looks like The kebbler toffee Elf's,😋 Son 😕 not at all M.J's. stick with real facts "Augie Jhonson" is not. a Jackson:)

  34. A hundred thousand percent that that’s Michael Jackson’s son. Oh my god! It’s really obvious

  35. Ummmm The DNA test was proven false so why are people still trying to play this guy up like he's some love child. It's a lie people. A big weird lie.

  36. michael jackson is darker, does this hid have that skin problem

  37. Story sounds familiar, Michael's idol jackie wilson, has a son that looks & sounds like him, also didn't know who his dad was and sang with bruno mars and some of Motowns, 4 tops went and saw him and couldn't believe the mannerisms either, music DNA is strong!

  38. think about it. brandon was born in 1981. billie jean was released in 1982. "the kid is not my son." he looks like him. he sounds like him. if he was an impersonator he would try harder than that because every other impersonator is fake and dressed up. brandon has never sang a michael song before so he isnt an impersonator.

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