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Michael Jordan gives an emotional speech at Celebration of Kobe and Gianna Bryant | FOX SPORTS

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan delved deep into how much Kobe Bryant meant to him personally, and how he felt like Kobe was his little brother. Jordan could not hold back tears yet was somehow able to provide a moment of levity.

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Michael Jordan gives an emotional speech at Celebration of Kobe and Gianna Bryant | FOX SPORTS

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  1. I can't wait for the memes to come from this

  2. Very touching. Many think a strong alpha man doesn't cry. In reality, this kind of crying is the truest, deepest expression of strength. In life, Michael helped Kobe become a better basketball player. In death, Kobe helped Michael become a better man.

  3. If you make memes about this you are very disrespectful and f#$ked up so plz don't make fun of this

  4. Change the title to memorial… You dumb fox..

  5. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  6. 0:35 I would say GOOD MORNING but it’s afternoon..🤓😧…. CLONE MALFUNCTION GOOD AFTERNOON

  7. I would say good morning but its afternoon.. great way to start a speech lmao

  8. I have no comment to M.J’s speech.
    Anyone else ?

  9. lmao jordan noooo you cant acknowledge crying jordan

  10. LeBum is crying right now out of jealousy… He wont ever be surpass MJ and KOBE in his lifetime

  11. Takes a real Man to speak through His tears and not be bothered that Hes crying in public .

  12. Y’all better not turn him crying into a meme

  13. After a good cry you gotta find away to bring yourself back up to a smile (IN MY KOBE VOICE) You Welcome, we lost a GREAT ONE https://youtu.be/hX_hsQc3EF0

  14. Here come the new MJ crying memes

  15. Kobe has a mother and father how come they didn't get the chance to say something I'm sure they wanted to say something about there son, I'm sorry it's so not right.

  16. This gives a new meaning to the crying Jordan meme

  17. Another meme nice one MJ

  18. Jordan and kobe r living legends… Wish they were teammate. Rip kobe, gianna

  19. I’m have tears, Rest In Peace Kobe, GiGi and the other passengers on board.

  20. leave Jordan alone… please don t create another meme..

  21. Why the thumbs down???????Why

  22. No body better not make no messed up memes for real because this was love just pure love Rip Kobe and Gigi

  23. What’s even sadder is the meme that Michael jordan’s fixing to be 😭

  24. Imagine having the impact that a man, a legend, a father like MJ cries and mourns for you but also celebrates the passion of your life and your personality.
    It really tells a lot about Kobe. Rest in Peace Mamba.


  26. I wanted to get a tissue and wipe his tears.

  27. one liberal down and many to go

  28. Please this is serious dont do this a meme again.

  29. This was very sad rip 🙏🏼 to all that passed away in that helicopter accident.

  30. 🙏🏽🖤🏀⭐️Nothing but LOVE and RESPECT from one great to the other. R.I.H. BLACK MAMBA!!

  31. MJ just reminded me once again why he's the GOAT. Look at that presence

  32. MJ make a bruva cry N sheeet

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