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Michael Strahan declares the Patriots dynasty is over | FOX NFL

It’s been said before, but now Michael Strahan is convinced the New England Patriots dynasty is over. He joined FOX NFL Kickoff to explain his stance and what he said isn’t working this season for the defending champs.

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Michael Strahan declares the Patriots dynasty is over | FOX NFL

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  1. Will the Patriots fix their offensive issues?

  2. Seems like it is over but they will go down scratching and clawing, ne fan

  3. Yup, w/o the Gronk, it's like the Lakers w/o Shaq.

  4. I guess you got to win the Super bowl every year to be a Dynasty ?

  5. nfl has the video? how did jay glazer get it? we all know the NFL would never allow a leak!!!!!

  6. Record of 11-3. I disagree.

  7. You know what this means the Pat's are going undefeated and taking the superbowl cause everyone is counting them out

  8. I'm old enough to remember when the Patriots dynasty was over week 4 of 2014.

    Wonder what ever happened to Brady and Belichick since then..

  9. When they lose in the playoffs then come talk to me.

  10. Carissa is bad i could careless about the patriots

  11. Four division leaders in the AFC: Patriots, Texans, Chiefs, & Ravens

    Patriots three losses: Texans, Chiefs, & Ravens

    Dynasty over? Not until Brady retires, but I don’t see them making the Super Bowl, much less the AFC Championship this year. Of those three, the Texans are the only team I can see them beating.

  12. How many time has this been said…..?

  13. I wouldn't count them out just yet, the Pats are going to be in the playoffs and some of the players on this team is experienced and battle tested for the bright lights, they are not going down without a fight!

  14. Guess we'll add this Strahan video to the supercut of talking heads who have predicted the Patroits' demise for the past decade.

    One of these years they'll be right.

  15. Once again the dynasty is over from the 10th time. The offense is lacking weapons. They should have acquired some big offensive big name players prior to the start of the season. Poor drafting.

  16. 1) Strahan, your sack record is a sham!
    2) Charissa is smokin' hot!

  17. The so called dynasty is not over until the NFL stop them from cheating, they
    are not stopping themselves for cheating.

  18. Wasn't this being said last season as well,

  19. They have been saying the same thing for years. It doesn't take a genius to eventually get it right. I have enjoyed the ride, and like the saying goes, it's not over till it's over.

  20. "The dynasty is over"
    Years from now when its over
    " i told you it was over"
    Well its years later and Brady is 50 you jerks😝😝😝😝

  21. They made the playoffs so dont eat your words, remember it's the Patriots .

  22. Hahahaa michael is about to be sad in two weeks 😆

  23. Keep doubting the Patriots. All part of the plan! They lose when they're favored to win. Best example 2007 nearly perfect season. If Moss wants a ring, come out of retirement.

  24. how? even if TB12 is done they still have a great defense.

  25. I've been a Chiefs fan since the 70's and I can say Tom Brady is the GOAT.

  26. I mean, they're on the road to an easy 12-4 record. That doesn't look like the "end" to me.

  27. My man, it ain’t over until it’s over! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. Micheal get that Gap fixed, and go back to female talk shows.

  29. Strahan's dance moves at the beginning were the best part

  30. I get it’s all for the show but cmon y’all really doubting us in December bad decision

  31. This spygate 2 going on is the end of the Patriots.

  32. For next year? Cause they'd have to lose out to not win their division…it doesn't even matter if they don't win a play off game. I'd say winning the division on its own still keeps the dominant streak alive. They don't have to win the SB or even AFC championship every single year to keep it alive.

  33. If they keep saying it every year they’ll be right eventually

  34. It’s not ever until Brady is gone and these idiots have been saying it ever since Patriots lost to Chiefs in 2014. I mean one of these years they would be right but no it all depends on Tom Brady.

  35. I hate to say it but never count the Patriots out. They seem to always be around at the end.

  36. No Mikey it's just a minor bump in the road ..

  37. The Pats are 11-3 for the love of god. Shut up Stratham and Tony there must be haters.

  38. I feel like I’ve heard this many times before……….

  39. Same conversation every year.

  40. We are still standing motherfuckers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. As long as they keep the Ravens out of the Superbowl, I'll be happy.

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