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Mickey Hart and Global Drum Project – NatGeoMusic.net | National Geographic

Mickey Hart and Global Drum Project - NatGeoMusic.net | National Geographic

Ex-Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart brings his band of international percussion superheroes to Geo Sessions, mesmerizing all who dare step in their path with intricate patterns of rhythm. See more GeoSessions at NatGeoMusic.net
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Mickey Hart and Global Drum Project – NatGeoMusic.net | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. listening now………………………..

  2. Great sound from all and nice contribution from Sikiru Adepoju's talking drum.

  3. what is the name of what they're playing? I'd like to hear the whole piece

  4. Coded in DNA~ Changing a Spirit into Human Form~ hence we are Spirit in Human Form transparent muse brilliant yet every changing in flow:)

  5. 🎶🎶🎶🎶 great! 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  6. FREAKIN' AWESOME groove~

  7. Also had a chance to see Zakir Hussein once live and woooooow! So in tune to the rhythm, melody and vibration. Super talented and giving…

  8. Totally wicked! Drums and space were always one of my favourite parts of a GD show and maaaan, he continues to explore whole new levels I would say. The possibilities really are endless…

  9. To actually see this live and in the moment is absolutety on another level.. Mickey is one of the greatest gifts ever ♥♥♥♥

  10. "Michael Hinton and Mickey are, like, extraordinary rudimental drummers. They actually won the national rudimental competition one year, which is no easy feat…" — Bill Kreutzman

  11. @MrSally56:"Mickey Hart, I know drummers in marching bands that are far better than him…"
    Oddly, he was a champion rudimental drummer, so he was fantastic in marching bands!

  12. Muchos mostros unidos.ellos no son de este planeta jejejejeje.


  14. zvkkvz live and live deaddeaeaed

  15. СУКИ,у меня из-за вас торрент не работает!!!!!

  16. I love the way Zakir Hussein speaks Tabla.

  17. I've been a drummer over 35 years and I approve this video. 🙂

  18. wow, some cutting remarks here…yes, mickey hart is clearly outmatched by these titans, but lets not forget he brought them together, and is exposing alot of people to a broader range of experiences musically…yes,as an artist i too get frustrated when i see people with means pulling off their dreams because they can, but would we not want to do the same?…the original planet drum was 89, 90, olatunji,airto,hidalgo,mickey,zakkir,and i want to say steve gadd?

  19. 3 GREAT percussionists, 1 computer programmer, and 1 person who hits random drums and never changes what he plays when playing world music.

  20. i wish my parents started me at age 3…. clearly it becomes essential to survival when you are given it every day as a youngin

  21. $10,000 + drums, unlimited LSD and Weed… yah I love your life too.

  22. @6:48 "I have a Bible and a Qur'an and my drum is my religion" yep… sounds about right!

  23. EX- gratefuldead drummer, NO…. always one of the gratefuldead drummers…

  24. Fantastic!! So intricate, so connected with each other. I was sorry it ended. :-)))

  25. Wow great stuff…. very cultural.

  26. What a combo!! classic!!

  27. ya and take some more acid lol

  28. that's rhythm. Its contradictory, but one can get lost in IT !!! 🙂

  29. The second person who' feels as strongly about music.. 🙂

  30. @timetohuntowls ?!!! I just enjoy the rhythmic pattering on my soul brought about by this video. Why do you have to bring politics into it? ::fact checking mickey hart + sea eye aye:: cite source please owl hunter, Hart's Planet Drum is a huge inspiration for me and single-handedly introduced me to Zakir Hussain… why should I not trust him? (although the "christianmingledotcom" ad is explanation enough…)

  31. lol so random


  32. @MasonDdrummer that is the great GREAT Zakir Hussain

  33. what is the name of the guy with frizzy hair who does the vocals?

  34. I will never forget one time at Hartford Civic Center Bill Kreutzman was gently playing some cymbols, then suddenly Mickey comes out from hiding and hits this LARGE gong that ROCCCCCCCKKKKKS the whole coliseium. AWESOME!!!!

  35. i really like adverts, i think they really enhance videos.

    LOL jk

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