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Microsoft Build 2018 Keynote in Under 15 Minutes

Microsoft Build 2018 Keynote in Under 15 Minutes

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  1. whats really bad about microsoft ist that their user interfaces are often laagy and they change the arrangement to much for no real reason. and also the arrangement of the whole settings and stuff is so weird and bloated. thats why i went away from windows… but on my x box its kind of the same sadly.

  2. While the content is very interesting, and the developments in Automation and IoT are decent at the very least, There is work to be done concerning the presentation and charisma on the stage. Nadella's hesitation and stuttering really makes things awkward.

  3. Try something without partnership….But the models are awesome

  4. When companies like Google & Microsoft are leading their way in inovation, where is Apple ? thinking of how to bring cost down by removing ports & headphone jacks and asking users to use dongles? I call it a Kodak Moment

  5. Dear Satya Sir , I was watching your video of MSBuild 2018 . Microsoft has changed dramatically to open source and as I can see MS is investing a lot in new tools like AI , drones , AR etc. I have got an idea which I would like to share with you , about how drones can be utilised in air traffic for connectivity and say day to day tasks . And I think idea can be extended to other similar platform s.
    Actually today when mobiles have left PCs , laptops etc far behind , and work of OSes (as it appears to me) has been upto render the apps(this is what my idea is all about)and services(as we are today thinking of SaaS ) . As in case of drones , if we could employ a intermediate like CLR in drone itself and one in Remote control and instructions could be sent as pure messages ( it would be mix of remoting and MSMQing . The challenge of generating the messages would be greatly suppressed with the fact that the no of stations of source and destinations will be fixed and the intermediate layer of CLR will be fixed )which would be deployed there by drone . Here the Remote Control could be a central hub for every drone and messages and drones should be synchronised .
    One more thing is coming in my mind , and it is that MS should enter into mobile platform too , via providing software support , which it can , because of its immense expertise in OS. The Web API has enabled the access to each device connected via internet. Today I think , there has arose a need of a open source sort of compiler too (which would be working like intermediate CLR for message services(its a term which I am using as I don't know what to use)……..

  6. So much behind compare to Google io 2018

  7. Microsfot is the new IBM. Boooooring.

  8. he should practice his speech more.. or delegate it to the AI.

  9. Shouldve asked where am I meeting so and so… should then give person place time and ask for travel options.

  10. Google Duplex just killed you Cortana, and your buddy Alexa too

  11. All the kids and infants expecting fancy things are requested to watch the google I/o

  12. Can't believe HoloLens just got better with remote assist and layout

  13. Awesome, Microsoft is really headed in the ​right direction!

  14. I really don't get the Alexa – Cortana integration. Seems redundant?

  15. I’m sure the technology is impressive, but MY GOD a boring presentation..

  16. Cortana, build me an army

  17. Presenter of cortana is nerve wracking… If cortana does not respond. Gg

  18. AI Kills lot of jobs related machine maintenance

  19. So many twats in the comments don't understand that this is one of MANY conferences Microsoft has throughout the year.

    Build is focused on (corporate) software development. Announcements are made on the latest tools and technologies that developers can use in the wider Microsoft ecosystem (Azure, Windows, iot, xplat, web, iOS, Android).

    As a web-focussed developer I am more interested in the Microsoft Connect conference as this is more targeted to Web and cloud development and less on corporate/office/industrial software.

    The Windows 10 Spring Update (1803) was released last week and had its OWN EVENT.

    As for consumer oriented announcements, they are usually made at E3 and other Microsoft events throughout the year.

    Haven't heard about that? Either you are not in the business and/or your choice of news sources need expanding.

  20. Fail. No new Gears of War announcement.

  21. Mixing two main assistants (Alexa and Cortana) is the stupidest thing to do. One would get confused about what to ask whom. Technology should abstract complexity and provide a simple interface.

  22. Lets be honest, no one really cares what this dead company does.

  23. As a tech consumer who consumers apps and vidya games, this keynote bored me with all of their big words!

    /s jk, as an IT professional / Azure admin, I loved a lot of what they were showing off.

  24. Gosh hate everything about Microsoft..
    Except they Xbox controllers

  25. After just watching the Google IO keynote and stumbling onto this video, I thought this was a year or two old….

  26. Hey Cortana, will the people around me get irritated with my voice commands?

  27. Thanks for the video was waiting for it

  28. The Alexa/Cortana integration sounds weird at first but knowing your limitations and leveraging existing infrastructures are both good moves IMO.

  29. Send a email for a reservation at a restaurant?!?!? They don't have texting on cell phones?!? LMFAO

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