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Microsoft plans 2019 beta for its game streaming service | Engadget Today

Project xCloud’s beta is shooting for console gaming experiences on your phone.

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  1. All fun and games till I start playing call of duty on my iPhone in class

  2. Stop believing what phil says he clearly doing this to put a end to consoles/exclusive at some point… when he sees enough xheads comfortable with streaming he will pull the rug right under consumers.. because they wouldnt need to sell you to play their consoles no more if anyone had easy access to their games like (Netflix)….. Microsoft putting all there games on smart device is a way for them to stay revelant because they are afraid to get their ass handed again next gen again by sony … More Independant consumer are leaning towards buying a ps5 over a scarlett with the successful ps4 is having with their exclusives.. Lastofus2, ghost of tushimina, death stranded, daygone not even out yet… This xcloud gimmick is just another way to sucker and lock consumers monhtly streaming games if they cant sell more consoles..😂…plus you need good ass fast internet to stream games..Microsoft clearly in the game industry for (service now) not gaming…

  3. will have the same issue with ps now…INPUT LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well cloud is the future tho, except in 3rd world country.

  5. Dude is like a dad doing reviews.

  6. This will be just like PlayStation shitty. Just all of you watch

  7. But still i want consoles. Not everybody wants to stream games…….. 😛

  8. With the bettering of the internet, this is the imperitive future

  9. They keep giving us wats to play games. Now we just need some great games. To take advantage of all this extra access. Microsoft is proving for it's services.

  10. No Google beta invite for me yet but I'm pretty sure my internet isn't fast enough anyway.

  11. I've been using Geforce Now for a while now, and you can't possibly get a good experience without using the wired network, the packet loss kills it if you want play on a laptop.

  12. Doesn't Microsoft already has streaming service called Mixer ?

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