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Microsoft's HoloLens Event in 13 Minutes at MWC 2019

Microsoft's HoloLens Event in 13 Minutes at MWC 2019

Microsoft announced the HoloLens 2 at MWC 2019, promising a wider field of view, lighter headset, eye and hand tracking, and more.

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  1. I thought this was dead already

  2. For 3000 dollars it will start no revolution just like the previous one didn't start one.

  3. How come they didnt discuss their collaboration with the CIA and the Military?

  4. Damn ! Microsoft is using Ipad 10:45 ! 😀 😀

  5. Microsoft advertising IPAD instead of Surface??

  6. So when is the Apple Lens presentation where they claim to have invented all this technology?

  7. I watched a bunch of videos of Hololens 1 that were really impressive like holograms and big TV's in the condo, or robot spiders coming through the walls and crawling around the apartment. They are worth looking up. Way to set the bar MS, now Oculus and Apple can attempt to make it cheaper and better. The future will be insane. VR is cool must MR is the future.

  8. I'm too old to get excited about any of this. The size of the headset and the price needs to shrink down 10x to see a mainstream audience.

  9. 너무 끊겨 보인다. Microsoft's Holoshit 2. Not now.

  10. there's something about Microsoft that just annoys me. Probably the Ceo has something to do with it 🤔

  11. They very well deserve to be a Trillion Dollar company !!

  12. Please wait windows is updating?!
    Hello I'm cortina.
    Just wait the windows Dev team will soon turn this into a living mixed reality nightmare.

  13. I like how they used the iPad and not surface pro tablets

  14. yall are still toying aroudn with ur iphones and androids. microsoft is so ahead of the game, theyre already creating holograms for businesses.

  15. We're going to look back and laugh at "screens" being brought into AR and VR in a few years.

  16. "Kinnect, Kinnect"….. Might be you tell me why did you kill Kinnect???
    I agree that it WAS very cool (and still it is) so why did you mess up with it?………… WHERE IS KINNECT NOW?….
    "we bring…. we destroy"

  17. It just doesn't look that good to me. Something is just off in the interaction. I think we'll need a couple more generations.

  18. I am so excited for this microsoft is doing the same thing apple did back in 2006

  19. These beautiful innovations are not for us! we are nerds, i can't understand the appliances of this !!

  20. Wonder if you can change the appearance on your Hololens avatar.
    I also wonder how seeing eachother will work from the other side, do you have to be in the same room size? How do you move around freely?
    this is on some oasis ready player one stuff

  21. hololens V will be like okley 😎

  22. Will azure be coming to the X or next gen X2? 🤔

  23. Wait at 10:45 they are using an iPad instead of a surface. Like WTF. For realz.

  24. It's nice but idon't get when anyone would want to use this.

  25. So cringe presentation, much wooden. (Surely that meme is still relevant in 2019)

  26. to much lag between movement and reaction from device.

  27. Xbox Connect was open said to be a spy system into peoples home. Dont trust Micrsoft ever.

  28. Microsoft believes Privacy is key, ok then let me permantly delete your spy bot Cortana from my pc and keep Cortana gone.

  29. Dude this be amazing for home use

  30. I notice the presentation floor is a checkerboard texture…coincidence? I think not

  31. Microsoft deserve all the money which I don't have 😅


  33. I think having open app store will fast track this technology

  34. yay for no furniture or stuff hanging on the walls. 🙂

  35. Dumbass marketing back at it again with Microsoft. Should have brought a Surface and an iPad to the scene would have been a more diverse product placement

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