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Migrant Caravan: Hundreds using secret convoys

Migrant Caravan: Hundreds using secret convoys: A little-known town is being used to ferry migrants across the border between Guatemala and Mexico.
Low security and regular people smuggling operations have made it a crossing point for thousands.

Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports from Gracias a Dios, Honduras.

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  1. I'm from mexico and we are also tired of this trash ppl

  2. Radiate massive doses of x-ray into those vehicles.

  3. Every murderer, every rapist, every bully was once a baby.
    Latinos have a genetic tendency towards psychopathy. Highest in the world.
    They lack remorse, they lack guilt. Master manipulators.
    That is the true cause behind the terror of Latino societies.

  4. I do not feel sorry for these people they have more then our homeless people. Jewelry , nice clothes maybe not label clothes but never the least nice. For the most part healthy children. So I don't get it. And for Al Jazeera get it straight this is not Trump anger this is we American people anger.

  5. Western countries need to send a stern message to the developing world: Our countries are NOT lands of boundless opportunity. We have our own poor people, our own economic issues, and we don't have enough jobs and housing to go around.

  6. It need to stop this leeches criminals coming in my country🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  7. I bet the countries they come from are thrilled to get rid of their uneducated, unskilled and entitled people.


  9. Looks like tariffs for Mexico is about less than 40 days

  10. They're not migrants, they're illegal immigrants. The biggest advocates of multiculturalism and open borders are those who can afford not to live with the consequences of it.
    Nobody should be above the law, nobody should be beneath it.

  11. You have a house. Its behind you.

  12. Trump believes that more taxes can prevent this immigrants to come to US illegally ! Nonsense !

  13. There is nothing wrong with the lands they live in, on the contrary, they live on the richest lands in the world.
    The violence, chaos and crime is caused by a population of low I.Q. and violent people.
    Where ever they go follows the craziness.

  14. I completely support helping refugees. Most all Americans feel this way.
    If a tsunami swamped Japan or a Earthquake buried Germany, please open our doors and wallets to help them.
    But the Latin caravans are exploiters. Their agenda is to exploit generous and caring people.
    Low I.Q. selfish people do NOT deserve the same concern as high I.Q. empathetic people.

  15. Us Americans do not want them here in the US. They are invaders and will not be accepted. Take care of the problems in your own country don’t bring your problems to us.

  16. WE GOT DEAD MIGRANTS IN THE DESERT HERE ALREADY TURN BACK found a 7 year old gilr from INDIA 30 year old year guatamalan woman DEAD here and theres more we did not find yet its OVER A 105 110 here daily be 122 in july aug

  17. I can now see why Trump will be re-elected, he is the only one who can deal with this madness. Only Trump can make this folks to stay in their own countries and make them great rather than taking an easy option of just trekking north to the paradise that may exist not.

  18. Here comes sanctions, for the last time we need people with skills higher education skills

  19. Its so sad how these corrupt governments / leaders voted into power said how they would make things better for the people of their countries and then do nothing😭😭😭😭😭😭. And enrich themselves of the wealth of the country. But never cared for the lives of the people the babies 😭😭😭😭😭. Mankind heart is so evil. And now this is the cause where people have to be leaving the very place they love and live all there lives to now seek a safe place for their families and to also feed them. When we start holding leaders and government officials for their corrupt actions with some serious consequences. Then maybe they will start thinking twice to treat people with decency and respect. And not have people be treated like they are nothing. But we are also to be mindful that when people are seeking our help leaving their countries to find food to feed their families it must concern us to help. That is what God ask us to do. Be our brothers keeper, treat others as we would have want them to treat us. Someone's pain must concern us to move to help.

  20. Esta jente ES tonta tienen tierras tienen agua tienen todo enfrente pero no save usarlo Los recursos naturales

  21. So no tienen dinero Como pagan 3mil dollars?

  22. Please stay in your own country.
    The USA is full.
    Also stop having kids if you can not afford them. If you become pregnant then get an abortion.

  23. Nothing will ever change until we have asylum reform. Seen the interview with the Africans that made it to the border. They literally passed through 12 countries to make it to the US to claim asylum. Its completely absurd. The scary part is, this is still the beginning. The word is out the we have open borders and are millions who would like to capitalize on that.

  24. We need the immigrants to make more children

  25. They have a country of their own and risk their lives to come to ours smh. Then when they get here they treat Black Americans bad and talk crazy to us trying to imitate the white man. They even get better treatment and consideration than ACTUAL American black people get. Trump needs to fix this border issue. I may hate the man but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  26. The real question is, why are central Americans incapable of creating peaceful and prosperous countries? Why are they always running to the USA instead of creating a better life at home? 🤔

  27. stop paying taxes and buy ammo

  28. Americans have to do their part and stop these lawless animals.

  29. They hate Ameicans but yet they come like they own the country.

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