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Migrant caravan struggles each day for food, care and shelter | Al Jazeera English

According to reports, there are four different caravans travelling through Mexico with up to 6,000 people.
The Central American migrant seeks US resident status largely under the auspices of economic asylum.
The trek has left children dehydrated, faint and sick, according to advocates and paediatricians. The group is so exhausted that on Wednesday they paused for the day in in southern Mexico, to rest and in hopes that buses would take them to Mexico City.

Aljazeera’s John Holman joined a family of four as they travel through Mexico to the US We look at the challenges they face as continue on their journey.

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  1. Complete Lie. They have food clothing. They need to go home . America is closed!

  2. Those parents should feel ashame for torturing their children like that. useful idiots on the hangs of Soros, Chiltons, Obama

  3. Shame on them for abusung their children like this. These ppl are well fed. Go have a look at videos of children in the mideast and Africa. Hundreds of children die of starvation EVERY DAY in Yemen, Sudan etc etc. These criminals must be shipped back and tougher immigration laws enacted. Keep troops at border until wall is built. We already have multi thousands of illegal Hondurans in the usa. Enough is enough!

  4. Nobody told them to come to America WTF not our fault

  5. The U.S. backed uprisings, coups and death squads in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti are illegal.

    The refugees are not.

  6. Brown people, unable to create civilized societies understandably want to come and living in one created by Whites who can. Whites will either reject them and leave nature to take its course or be swamped by needy parasites. There's no black or white here, fail to be cruel and Western Christendom is destroyed.

  7. You it does break my heart that this people have to go threw this . Because there is a lot of good people . But we have our people to take care of first .

  8. Everybody or humanos have a brain the capacity abilidad too think before you do one step ahead.think the way how to get wherever you want before you do one step is more time and life is short

  9. it's not the kids fault is the parents coming deport them block them

  10. Wow that was soo set up, terribly too might I add smh

  11. Why did they listen to the Demonrats.

  12. Even Sadder that Racist President Agent Orange Trump uses them to rally his base of Ignorant fools through Fear-Mongering.
    We have more respect for the Mexican people who showed more humanity than the Yankees Up North.

  13. Stop trying to play on people's heart strings. We ain't buying it

  14. They show kids of course nice try but it's not going to work anymore and no more babies being born in AMERICA all your gigs are up you have been EXPOSED.turn around your wasting your pathetic time and u have been Lied to.your not coming in we have a new president in d.trump so turn around it's over for u people.your not fooling anybody anymore we know what your up to and the Hardworking Americans are not paying for u Illegal PEOPLE no more.

  15. They try and put a happy face on child abuse but it's a fail. Those children of so called families are publicly forced to expose themselves to strangers every day just to regularly use the bathroom. Too sickness sleeping on the ground, streets or in the open. Ever use the bathroom in the middle of the night? Imagine doing that in front of 3, 500-7, 000 other people. Nothing humane about this situation especially when Mexico, people and government are offering you away too have human dignity, safety and a life for your children.

  16. I can't have sympathy for child abusers. Woman dragging her sick child along too any imaginary life of no poverty in America? Seriously they are losing sensible logic people with every broadcast. You have your small children sleeping in the open, already sick yet you push them to walk 25-60 miles per day for weeks. These are delusional crazy people. The child abuse is killing me. Poor children, this cruelty. There are enough of them too overthrow their governments.

  17. Lol struggles each day ?? F you BUILD THAT WALL stop the invasion! Trump 2020🇺🇸

  18. If only they would have taken the asylum and jobs they were offered in Mexico….

  19. Anyone who calls these refugees 'migrants' is a crypto-xenophobe and Trumpist. They're not looking for work, you anachronistic monstrosity. They're trying to flee for their lives, and you disparage them wrongfully.

  20. God bless the souls when they reach the border! If they think there simply going bully there way across the boarder. Dont be shocked when american citizens greet them with a barrage of bullets. I'm not advocating that in any way. But I just dont see people of Texas and other states welcoming them with water and food. It's going to be a blood bath. I hope the the clintons and soros are proud of themselves. There the real terrorists of America I have grown to truly hate Democrats which is sad because some of my friends from school are Democrats and prior to everybodies need to become all political I could truely enjoy there presence. Oh how times have changed. There's a new age civil war coming I truly believe that and all I can say poor Democrats. They just didnt know any better

  21. They won’t get in. They should turn back

  22. Dragging these babies and children with them in that misery and heat is nothing less than child abuse ! How dare these worthless adults do this to them ? Do they have a brain in their heads ? For young kids..this is torture. F. These parents ! Send them all back to their own homes !

  23. I bet that there isn't even one person in the entire caravan using their downtime to learn English.

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