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Mike Rowe says skills gap in America may also be a 'will' gap

“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe on the prosperous jobs market and misjudging higher education in America.

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  1. This is nothing new. There's generally always been available job opportunities (moreso now though 😝). I've had well over a dozen jobs in many different industries. Retail, fast food, manufacturing, shipping, concrete, waste management, automotive, land scaping, farming, catering, construction and I'm only 34. That's definitely not a good thing, but it just goes to show that jobs are dime a dozen. It's all about what you're willing to do and learn, as well as where you're willing to go to do it.

  2. I think a lot of the same educators that want everyone in college so they won't be looked down upon by society, are the ones that look down upon people without college degrees.
    They're mostly women, too.

  3. President: Mike rowe
    VP: John stossel
    Fyi both have YouTube channels.

  4. Anti union policies have destroyed organized labor leaving us with trickle down economics that does not work. There is no reason to get into a trade if it won't pay the bills. 30 years ago I started out as a welder, paid rent and the necessities plus on a 40 hour week. Today the same job will not even pay enough for rent.

  5. Lies. typical business owner mentality. the same excuses in my town. bosses say they aren't skilled. we are skilled.. bosses don't want to train the work anymore, then underpay the hardworkers and hire cheap labor.

  6. For some reason kids are steered to college. Academia thinks if you get your hands dirty you are a low IQ person, but who do they call when their car breaks down, or their HVAC system goes down ? I guarentee you they don't call on a sociology major.

  7. LOL, I didn't go to college and I have a "white collar" job.

  8. I'm a damned good engineer with many years of experience on several very challenging projects who now works as a carpenter because I was blacklisted from engineering due to my political activities demanding 9-11 Truth.
    I had done some favors for a Chinese friend of mine who worked for a major Chinese-owned company in Silicon Valley. He told me to look at the job openings at his company and tell me which one I wanted and that he would help me get it. I read all of the descriptions and couldn't recognize anything that I could do. I researched the requirements of the jobs on the Internet and could find nothing to serve as a resource to learn how to perform the esoteric tasks. I'm not sure how they find people to fill those jobs and it might just be that they don't want any Americans to fill them so they can justify their requests for H1B visas.
    Anyway, I work as a carpenter now using the knowledge I acquired in high school and working summer cabinetmaking jobs during college. I'm good at it. It doesn't pay that well but it pays enough. Ironically, I'm healthier now and my quality of life is better now with much less stress as a carpenter than it ever was as an engineer. The only thing engineering gave me was money, stress and daily sword fights. The United States and its Citizens are a disgrace (mostly its engineers) and will remain so until they confront the truth of 9-11 with the long-overdue imperative INDEPENDENT 911 INVESTIGATION.

  9. THIS is a HUGE SCAM on US!!! This is the SCAM that justifies Illegals. A skills gap is BULL!!!

  10. Democrats don't want manual labor jobs.
    They want 6 figure salaries, a BIG gaz guzzler and a nice house without any labor.
    The entitled little bitches look down on true labor.
    Mike Rowe is such a big man, amazing.

  11. I work with a lot of employers and many have a hard time finding skilled labor. Even for 6 figure jobs. They’re offering on the job training and just desperate for ppl who’ll do it. With my own team I see so many young ppl wanting to jump the skill part and go right to management. Even in an office setting you should know the ins and outs of a department before you manage it. It’s like a lost concept.

  12. We really need this guy to run for governor in California. He's the BEST!!!

  13. Tell em Mike….its all a ruse

  14. The "will" gap is a carry over from slavery. Same thing happened during integration with education levels. Success has been purposefully equated with "materialism". Our problem isn't that we can't, it's that we will not even try. I'd blame the whole problem on democrats and their "The world owes me a living" attitude. It plays right into the socialism / communism dogma which is a total failure for all involved. Democrats have proven over the last 40 years what they are capable of and the consequences of their actions.

  15. My Plummer makes a hundred and fifty an hour. So the way I see it is this is a great job. One thought I must say though, he is well trained. So many who showed up before hasn't been. You will want any working person to say we'll need a permit…

  16. I was an auto technician for over 20 years. Guess how those CEOs get to their white collar jobs. Guess who builds the roads they drive on. Guess who builds the buildings they work in. Guess who builds their computers.

  17. There is zero racial inequality in this country. There’s no racism that affects others’ lives..
    The only barrier in your life is YOU.

  18. Hmmm, or maybe it's because getting a higher education in this country so you can get the required skills is completely unaffordable for most people, even if they ARE WILLING! Stuart Varney definitely didn't like when Mike made the point that 62 precent labor participation was not full employment. Doesn't look so good for Trump. Bernie Sanders has been making this point for years.

  19. I have a 2 year degree i dont use, not even on resume. I work blue collar and built a white collar office in master bedroom. I do what i want, there are jobs of all types everywhere, you gotta Grind and be tough. and dont be crooked either.

  20. economy is demonized within the atomic household

  21. trades need to be integrated into public low-grade education

  22. dont give too much info lol
    u could charge for this advice!

  23. Many of those jobs just don't pay for the effort one has to put forth.

  24. Not only are the white collars looking down at the blue collars, they are also paying down. It’s not worth being trades person if you’re not going to make a fantastic living. Let’s face it, being a tradesman his hard work and your body where is out quicker. You can’t work as hard in your 60s as you did in your 20s or 30s. If you’re not making a good rates of pay to compensate for your inability to work later in life it’s just not worth it

  25. Mike has the common man's point of view that so called elites and politicians dont have a clue on.

  26. I’ve worked in the trades for over 3 decades. Most tradesmen are underpaid. I see people in air conditioned offices and other workplaces making just as much or more than me without doing any physical labor. There is no shortage of trade workers. There is a shortage of trade workers who will work for a pitiful pay. Pay trades more and there won’t be any bs “shortage”.

  27. The will gap, in part, comes courtesy of the viscous cycle created by those impoverished by a welfare system that breeds helplessness/entitlement & promotes a victimization mentality.

  28. Mike Rowe DID NOT ANSWER the question, and the host let him slide, as usual: "In a tight labor market, WHY AREN'T WAGES RISING MUCH FASTER?" Because Mike Rowe thinks cheap labor is great and he doesn't want that to change for himself and his buddies.

  29. Never trust anyone who always has a smile on their face.

  30. To many people raised to not do anything they dont feel like .

  31. There is a lack of skilled people because companies have treated them like $hit for decades. Lower, and lower actual pay (loss of real buying power), poor benefits, having to work through "temp agencies". blatant age discrimination (don't be over forty!), outsourcing, no job security (layoffs due to arrogant way overpayed "managers" making poor business decisions). Shall I go on? I have been through all of it. Rowe, and his pseudo-intellectual liberal elitist media buddies are not just clueless idiotic morons, their arrogance makes them think their "opinions" are somehow "truth". My father took a mail order course, and got a job at Rockwell that paid $5.00 hr in 1970. I don't care about "official government statistics" that $5.00 then is the equivalent of $50.00 hr today. The same job he had now pays around $16.00 hr. In 1970 dollars that was close to minimum wage.

  32. China isn’t challenging our global dominance by focusing on blue collar jobs and trade schools. We need more people in STEM, more people pushing the boundaries of our technological sophistication. Russia just beat us at developing hypersonic missiles. I worked with my hands for my first job. It’s dignified work, taught me humility and work ethic. So I agree that we should make that a shameless option for people. But it’s still too soon to start talking about producing fewer people with advanced education

  33. When I had to make the choice I saw all the blue collar jobs going away… thus I went white collar…. simple as that.

  34. What if Americans werent so lazy? What if public schools actually taught education? What if character really mattered? What if crooks didnt run our government? What if democrats take over again? What if , and so on?

  35. Everyone on welfare should be the first to go to war. They have been paid in advance and contribute nothing.

  36. There is only a skills gap because U.S. companies don't want to make the long-term investment of training American workers to have the skills they need.

  37. When there are too many people in many blue collar job positions.. wages go down because employers have more employees to choose from which gives them higher bargaining leverage. At the same time if wages are too high the jobs disappear and the employers seek cheaper labor. Costs and benefits.. So are there actually not enough people willing to do the job OR is it that people are not willing to do the job unless they get paid more?

  38. It’s who you no, not a skill gap. I have watched a cousin, or in law get a better job then the person that truly deserve it. These men are clueless on what really goes on in the world around them.

  39. As a school teacher I had students say “will I ever succeed if I don’t go the college?”

  40. My clout as a farmer is rising daily.

  41. Mike Rowe 2022 he's running too get in office . Mike Rowe is a one smart guy loves thus country and backs Trump up

  42. What do you expect from a generation of men raised by women?

  43. If America is aging, and not enough "Experienced" workers, what about getting older people back to work !? Many want to, but common HR practices have even more to hold against them compared to someone just starting out(or an illegal) with NO PAPER TRAIL that can be used against them !
    And if it's about "physical" condition, THEN HEY ! THEN THEY ARE HANDICAPPED RIGHT !?
    ( disabilities aren't always visible, but AGE sure is ! )
    Maybe a QUOTA or Affirmative Action program for the "Infirm" and Aged is needed !
    If you've worked (or served, Veteran) over 25 years paying FED, STATE, Property, Utility, sales TAXES, Where are your protections to have a wage earning salary !
    At least CA has made it against the Law to Ask an applicant their past wages ! (salary discrimination ) Is a good start !
    Plus give LEGAL Americans incentives to have more kids !

  44. Mike Rowes just like " oh I'm just some guy who crawls through sewers" and then proceeds to use a vocabulary that deserves a degree.

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