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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Call Off Engagement After Cheating Report

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Call Off Engagement After Cheating Report

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have officially broken up and called off their engagement Miley’s reps confirm after cheating rumors surfaced. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Chloe Melas


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  1. excuse me? we all deserve love

  2. I understand miley's feeling as a girl..a girl in love. See how much this miley changed. We wouldn't kniw wht happened in their relatioship throughout the years since the day they are together. Miley are naughty, yes, but sh never cheat and has the intention to do so. Even after the break up, she has nobody to replace liam in her heart. But wht liam did? Its a heartbreaking seeing that they are splitting. If he really loves her, anything could be done right to change her.Not leaving her like dat

  3. Miley doesnr deserve a bf anyway

  4. The dude got tired of her pussy he wanted another bitch pussy. Give the guy a break look at his big dick. Am sure he wanted a woman that could take his big cock. Cheating is cool and awesome and by the way miley Cyrus is a pathetic stupid retarded bitch lmfao.

  5. If he did cheat then its good she left no matter the publics opinion on her no one deserves to get cheated on. Their young so they'll be fine.

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  7. people who say liam cheated do u know what exactly happened. were u all present there when liam was cheating

  8. liam has has his own identity. there is a limit for tolerance

  9. I am not a huge fan of miley and I am not going to lie but she doesn't deserve this crap. liam is a sick pig and miley deserves better

  10. How did I just find out today I feel so out of the loop and stop picking on miley leaver her alone.

  11. Really mayredbuch how would u feel if ur girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on u would u just say that it's not a big deal?

  12. if miley is faithful she should accept liam even if he cheated

  13. u know if liam are faithful to miley and love her, he will accept everything about her and support her til the end.

  14. The blame for what? Him cheating on her? If you think that you are stupid. That's like saying a girl brought it on herself getting raped because she had a skirt. You should date Liam ,you are equaly pathetic.

  15. How do you know she didn't? LOL

  16. hahaha Miley kissed me when she was with Liam. That was cheating. hehehehehe

  17. Solely putting the blame on Liam is utter bullshit Miley brought this on herself by acting like a raunchy skank

  18. liam is a piece of shit and a child since he cant be a man and leave ,you just had to go cheat .miley is way better off without you

  19. they both proved that relations are not going to work in hollywood

  20. You will know that feeling the day you will get cheated by the person u love most! N Miley's drastic change is also becuz of him

  21. ii hateee liammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    at least miley never cheated

  22. no one deserves to be cheated on….

  23. Poor Miley with all the pressure this is what happened the give the girl a break she has forgiven for her actions

  24. Noone deserves to be cheated on…..no matter who it is….if ur not happy just leave….

  25. at least Miley is not a slut that have fucked have of Mexico..

  26. how low Liam have stooped Eiza is anorexic she have had more stuffsdone to her body than lil' kim like ewww she is the definition of a "Fame Whore"

  27. i really used to love Eiza specially in the series called LOLA but now it seems like she's jut trying hard to make it in hollywood

  28. Eiza is way sexier then Miley Cyrus….good job

  29. He was with Eliza she a really good actress

  30. Eiza??? I'm not Miley's biggest fan but Liam and Eiza???!! WTF?! She's just looking for a good oportunity and became a known girl… Pleaseee Eiza!!

  31. Eliza Gonzales is the best actress

  32. Eiza gonzalez is an amazing actress! I've seen her in her most recent soap:) she's beautiful! Shes five Mexican soap operas

  33. i'm sorry but no one deserves to be cheating on

  34. There's not even proof that he cheated! She is just assuming, probably just an excuse to be single so she can keep doing what she wants! She is so weird and ghetto now. Good for Liam hope he finds a good decent girl that's humble and has morals.

  35. WOW, don't know who to believe!

  36. Miley changed because of liam cause he cheated and miley is broken

  37. i never like Liam since he flim the last song. he's hot but not a nice guy. it good thing miley didn't marry him. he date her cuz she's popular. miley new video is disgusting but I still like listening her song. Liam don't really love her, i can see that. f he love her he won't cheat just cuz she change and had video of naked. what if he naked in some magazine miley also will not like it. Liam u sucks. why don't you go fuck all the party girls since you like it so much or older.

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