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Miley Cyrus: Why She Doesn’t Smoke Weed Anymore

Miley Cyrus: Why She Doesn’t Smoke Weed Anymore

Miley Cyrus is set to release her single ‘Malibu’ on May 11th, and talks taking a break from weed, and going back to her roots in country music.

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  1. These men nowadays:/ and women nowadays.

  2. Stealing black culture and running

  3. That presenters voice is just the worst. How did she get hired?

  4. She looks like Hilary Clinton, LMAO !

  5. Stay positive, dope channel!

  6. She does not smoke it any more? Does she smoke it any less?

  7. For the people who think that weed made her do all the crazy shit youre dumb cuz she said her self it was all part of her political movement which means she just wanted to get attention

  8. Too late your brains are already fried.I can understand you now.

  9. a stoner is always a stoner

  10. I don't get why ppl call it weed if its marijuana

  11. She didn't explain anything about why she stopped smoking. She explained why she broke up with her closet gay boyfriend who doesn't like to be labeled as straight because he takes it up the ass on the DL

  12. Yea I know why she stopped…..cause heroin is way better.

  13. why is this bullshit in my recommend?

  14. she's nothing but a big fake

  15. I always thought it was due to an on stage injury while trying to blow marijuana smoke rings with her vagina.

  16. She ride her daddies name and wants to ride everyone else.

  17. Miley achy breaky heart Cyrus, bitch talks a whole lot but has fuck all to say.

  18. Shes ugly, why the fuck is that guy dating her..

  19. miley cyrus is such a corporate puppet you can almost see the hand sticking out her ass

  20. Cannabis grows in the devil's allotment. Remember that.

  21. Attention whore much? she had to make it a point to let EVERYONE know she quit, if anyone forgot she did the same thing when she did smoke..i suppose you have to keep your name in the news when your music sounds like a deer trying to fuck a house cat.

  22. She's right, rock and roll hoochie koo.

  23. More power to her! Marijuana isn't taken as seriously as it should be. It can have negative effects on your health.

  24. This stupid c*nt needs to disappear.

  25. it ends just like that snap

  26. Weed isn't even that serious tho 😑😂

  27. She can smoke weed and still want to go thu this "change" or whatever. Weed doesn't (or at least it shouldnt) make you a different person.

  28. and now katy perry is getting weird lol i feel like they take turns with who goes crazy in hollywood.
    glad to see miley going back to her roots!

  29. what's up with the girl's contour she looks like she put dirt under her cheekbones… 😀

  30. you people are worried about mileys life more than your own 😀 either you like her and her music, or youre simply just an obsessed hater. sad.

  31. The brows and contour though…

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